Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Sexy blonde mistress decides to put her ass slave to the test in this sexy facesitting video. She makes him get into her sitting box and that is where he becomes a living seat. She puts her ass right on top of his face, crushing him and ramming his nose right into her wet pussy. He can barely breathe but when he does he is forced to smell her smelly pussy.

This hot mistress decides to take her slave on a walk outdoors, but she gets her brown high heeled boots awfully dirty from being outside, luckily she has her foot slave with her. She has him get down on his knees while he licks all over her boots, getting her dirty boots really clean. Next, she steps on his hands with her sharp heels, punishing him with her sexy boots.

This dominant mistress loves femdom just as much as her man slave does. She is completely naked, her beautiful shaved pussy clear as day, as she blasts her toilet slave with hot piss. He drinks her urine without thinking twice, loving every delicious drop of it. This mistress has big tits that will make your mouth water as you watch her drain her tight cunt dry. Enjoy!

There's nothing hotter than watching a slave being forced to do things he doesn't want to do. Take this lucky guy. His humiliation is extreme in this femdom movie, where he is forced to lick dirty high heel boots clean after they have been worn for hours on end. These high heels are beautiful, and this foot slave loves cleaning them. He even gets his loser mouth spit in, for good measure.

Two ballbusting femdoms, Megan and Starla, order their slave to come over to them and take off his pants. They make sure he takes off his underwear too because they have a special treat in store for him. Megan stands back and laughs while Starla kicks this disgusting loser right in his cock with the back of her foot. She then turns around and kicks him right in his open balls, and he falls to his knees in pain!

Goddesses Miss Mia and Miss Heidi are two snobby bitches who bring their slave out for some fresh air, only to humiliate them! These two hot snobs have been walking around all day at the mall and now their feet are sweaty and dirty. They take off their high heels and make their slave suck all of the sweat and dirt out of their nylon stockings. They laugh at this loser as his mouth sucks up all of their grime!

Chloe is a sexy brunette with tattoos and a tight ass. Too bad she only uses that nice ass of hers for evil! The evil dominating fem orders her slave to lay down. She strips down to her thong and uses his pathetic face as her seat! She rests her two perfect cheeks right on top of his nose then puts all of her weight on his face! She bounces on this poor guy's face until he begs for some oxygen! She lifts up her ass only to laugh in his face, then continues to smother him.

This sexy femdom thinks that her slave is so much of a loser that he doesn't deserve to even breathe! The gorgeous brunette orders him to lay on the bed, and then she plants her ass on top of his nose and mouth. Her leather pants cut off his oxygen, and she laughs at him while he takes a big whiff of her ass! He better not try to breathe or she will push down even harder on this pathetic loser's face!

Victory is one spicy chick. This mistress has pushed her best friend Roxy on her new couch, bound her wrists behind her back and then puts her tight ass right on the back of her head. She grinds her hips so Roxy can feel the full weight of her body. Victory flips her over an let her get a good whiff of her hot ass and pussy.

Long blonde hair flows over her shoulder as she sits on the public toilet. Katja's slave is lying flat on his back beneath her and she is covering his face with a wad of her thick saliva. Her spit slave dares not to say anything because she will easily turn up her public humiliation. It doesn't bother her when men come into the bathroom and see what's going on, they secretly want to become her spit slave too.

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