Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

The sexy amateur wrestling championship between sexy Shanya and Brooke until Brooke gets the better of the smaller Sanya and straddles on top of her face wearing nothing but her pink thong and pushing her sweet ass crack in the smaller girls face. Brooke totally dominates Sanya like she has so many times in the past. She sticks a variety of moves on her like the scissor kick, etc.

This pathetic slave gets multiple blows by the sexy blonde and brunette duo of Emily and Maggie. The girls rain down blows on top of this slave while he lies in the tub. They are dressed in their eye catchig two piece bathing suits making the slave thoroughly aroused but there is nothing he can do about it. All he can is lie naked i the tub with the cold water on

This slave gets the ultimate torture as he is crushed under the weight of the sexy high heels of this chick. She tramples all over his body from head to toe all the while carrying a whip to whip him with if he gets out of line. She kicks and smashes his balls with her strong high heels and even walks right across the face of the slave and jumps on him

This foot slave is getting punished and humiliated by his mistress and her sexy friend. When his mistress gets home, she brings her friend with her and that is when they decide they are going to absolutely crush this poor man with their feet. They punish and humiliate him while they laugh and mock him. They trample all over his pathetic body and they love every minute of it while he screams.

These two women are punishing and humiliating this poor muscled man. He may be so strong on the outside, but these mistresses are going to humiliate him until he almost cries. They sit back on the couch and they make fun of the small cock that hangs between his legs. They make him come over and become their foot slave. They make him lick all over their dirty boots while laughing.

This mistress is definitely not going to show any mercy to this man. It is her day off work, so she decides to enjoy the outdoors and take her loser slave for a walk. She gets her boots all dirty and that is when she decides she is going to punish and humiliate her foot slave to maker herself feel better. She trampled all over him with her sexy feet.

This loser slave may have some muscles, but he is definitely no match for this hottie. She makes him lie down on the bed and that is when she decides she is going to punish and humiliate him. She lowers her round ass down on top of his face, right over top of his nose so he can smell her smelly asshole. She crushes his nose and he can't breathe.

Manuela is wearing white jean shorts and is sitting on her slaves face trying to make it flat as she pushes his nose deep into her ass as she rubs and grinds her ass into his face to try to make it flat. She sits on his face with her jeans pussy and works her hips to grind it hard against his face and no matter how hard he tries he can not get free from her ass.

Princess Melena is a sexy Russian babe that has a new American slave and as she starts to tease her slave she realizes that he has a tiny cock. His cock looks like it should be on a child and even when it is hard it is not even big enough for her to feel in her wet pussy. She makes it clear as she humiliates him that he will never fuck her. Ever!

Mitia is about to retire and he wants to go out with a bang and he has Sasha sit on his face wearing tight latex pants. Sasha poses in all sorts of different positions as she sits on his face and smothers him with her latex pussy. She then spreads her legs wide apart and rubs her covered pussy all over his face as she sits on his slave face.

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