Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Here the sexy Mistress Katja has decided she needs to do some new kinds of exercises and has developed her very own: performing brutal buttdrops onto her willing victim. She launches herself into the air, landing with her full weight directly onto her slave's face, her hot ass smothering his mouth and nose. She is causing him such pain that he protests but this does nothing to stop her vicious exercise.

Janine has a new couch for her lounge and decides that it is a good time to test it out on her slave, after she verbally abuses and humiliates him she commands him to lay down on the floor with the couch on his chest, she commands him to balance the couch by holding it with his arms, once he has it balanced she gets on to it and take a nap while he is crushed under it.

This sexy Blonde Dominatrix loves to sit on her slaves face smothering him with her perfect ass, she loves to have him smell her woman scent as she lowers her thong covered ass onto his face while she is wearing a very sexy leather corset and over-knees high heeled boots, watch how she humiliates her slave and who knows... she may give him the chance to lick her ass and pussy later on.

Nadia and her friend are having some fun when Nadia decides to dominate her friend but smothering her with her ass until she almost passes out, Nadia turns and laughs at her friend as she recovers and proceeds to remove her pants and smother her further with her bare ass, watch this clip of savage Femdom and see how far Nadia will go in her quest to dominate and humiliate her friend

Two very sexy Czech girls Melissa and Dara take out their frustration on a slave by taking turns to hold his arms behind him while the other lets rip and slaps him though the face time and time again until he submits to their domination, watch this fantastic spanking clip as this loser gets the shit beaten out of him by these two sexy ladies. maybe they will allow him to join them in their fun later.

Sexy big bust Lucy has the perfect situation, she has found that her husband is somewhat of a loser and that she can fuck anyone she likes, with the added bonus of having her husband watch as she lets well hung studs fuck her hard. When she is done with the fucking she will at least allow her husband to clean her up by licking her well fucked pussy.

This spitting femdom loves humiliating her slave as he kneels before her with his mouth open wide as she spits in his mouth while she uses him as her human spittoon. This femdom then commands her spit slave to swallow her saliva whole as punishment. This femdom shows no mercy as she continues spitting on his face and in his mouth to teach him a lesson on being her slave.

This young mistress is getting ready to go out and doesn't like the cold floor. She uses her foot slave as a human bath mat as she gets ready, she stands on his head in her sock covered feet using her full weight to crush him. She then uses him as a human footstool while she lotions her legs while he worships her feet and smells her sweaty bare feet.

Mistress Lili finds her slave sitting on the couch being lazy as she decides to punish her slave. She takes out a leather rope and cause as much pain as she can to her helpless victim. She humiliates her slave as she begins choking her slave calling her pathetic as she slowly strangling the air out of her lungs using her bare feet to push on her back smiling as her slave passes out at her feet.

Mistress Cleo confronts her roommate Angelica about sniffing her stinky shoes and how she knows that Angelica has a foot fetish. This foot femdom then makes Angelica her new foot slave as she lies down on the floor her mistress takes off her shoes and shoves her sweaty socks in her face forcing her to smell them. She then takes off her socks revealing her stinky sweaty feet and has her new slave lick her dirty soles clean.

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