Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Mistress Vanessas friends had shared their domination stories with her and she decided to try it out herself. She went out and got a slave of her own and decided to practice on him. She stepped on his bare stomach with her high heels and enjoyed watching him cry in pain. She decided to remove her high heels and then trampled on him with her bare feet and no one could even known that she was an amateur!

When the slave girl saw that they were getting naked, she got excited. Being a lesbian herself, she thought that they were about to have some steamy and kinky lesbian sex. To her surprise, she was tied up and trampled upon by Angeliques who was wearing high heels. She also forced her to lick her high heels and enjoyed poking her girl save with her walking stick without caring about her pain.

This sexy BBW mistress loves to have some fun with her sexy bbw body as she gets mad at the sales man when he does not make her happy. She takes off her skirt showing her pink panties and her black fishnet stockings as she sits down on her new slaves loser face and smothers him with her full weight. This sexy bbw mistress crushes her new slave and does not let him breath no matter how much he begs.

Goddess Madison is a sexy mistress who was introduced to kicking guys in the balls by Megan and Paige and ever since she can think about nothing else. She loves the way it feels to completely dominate a loser slave and cause him extreme pain as she kicks him over and over again as hard as she can with her strong legs and hard feet. This mistress loves to kick her slaves balls and will never ever stop.

Mistress Lea takes her slave for a walk in the woods making sure to step into as much as the dirt and the mud as possible so her shoes are completely filthy. She gets her boots nice and filthy and she finds a nice and quite place to rest and she makes her loser slave get down on the ground so she can humiliate him by making him lick all the dirt and filth off of her nasty boots.

This sexy brunette beauty loves to be on top of her loser slaves and today she is giving her loser slave a really special treat as she sits on his face and starts to take off her cotton panties. She is smothering her slave with her sexy round ass covered in her panties as she reaches back and pulls her panties down just a little bit so her bare ass is in his face.

Princess Chanel and Lady Faye get mad at their bartender for not putting enough alcohol in their drinks. They make him lay down on the floor. One girls tramples him under her full weight while the other girl shoves her high heels in his face making him lick them clean. They humiliate him by pouring their drinks all over him and slapping him with their feet and trample him all over.

Kacie has just joined a trampling domination site and is picked on by two bigger, taller girls Candy and Emily. The two mistresses show their domination over young Kacie by standing on her with their full weight. They take turns trampling and stomping on her throat and all Kacie can do is just lay there and take it. She gets off on the humiliation from the two sexy and mean girls.

Princess Nikki sits by the pool with two loser slaves lying under her. She speaks to her friend on the phone and ignores her slaves as she pulls her bikini bottoms to the side and pisses all over them. She gives her slaves a nice golden shower, but completely ignores them which furthers their humiliation. Her warm piss washes over them, but she's more concerned with her phone call than these pissy losers.

Carolyn sits above her foot slave and pushes her shoes into his chest. She makes her slave take off her shoes and smell her feet in sweaty socks. She makes him sniff and lick her stinky feet after walking around in her shoes all day. She humiliates her slave by making him sniff her smelly, sweaty socks rubbing them all over his face. Carolyn giggles as she dominates her foot worshipping slave.

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