Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Danielle loves pampering her feet. She met this guy and saw him as the perfect one to do it. She went home with him and made him lick her feet and suck her toes

Sibilla's trampling and smothering game had become rusty. She planned to polish it up. She took her slave and faecesat on him, farted on him and made him almost choke

This guy loves Krista's ass. She liked to wrestle and they would wrestle then the guy allows himself to be defeated and smothered with her ass. It was a win win for both of them

Cassandra and her boyfriend have weird fetishes. This time, they were trying foot fetishes. She made him lick her stinky feet and smelly socks

Tingting was mad at her boyfriend for staring at other girls. As his punishment, she trampled on his face with her stinky feet and socks

Nikki was challenged to a fight by this guy. She refused at first but he insisted. She agreed and beat him up within minutes with her head scissors and sleeper holds

Lisa wanted to show this guy that he was nothing. She made him lie down and then stepped on his mouth and nose almost choking him

This mistress was practising for an upcoming match. She wanted a strong opponent so she used this guy. They wrestled hard and she beat him with her sleeper holds and head locks

Nicole took this slave to her bedroom and shoved him under the chair where he could not have room to resist. Then she trampled him with her bare feet and dominated him

Alexis is hot and loves flirting. She did it to this guy and confused him with her dominating gestures at the same time. She used him as her footboy to indulge in her foot fetish while he hoped for more

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