Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Goddess Eerica and her dirty sneakers can be really gross and dirtier than most would imagine. She is going to have her pathetic foot slave come over, because she went for a jog and needs her sneakers cleaned off before she puts them in her closet. She is laughing because the sneakers even smell bad from all of the jogging and other things she has stepped in as well.

Runa is one of the best mistresses when it comes to facesitting. She is going to take her time with her girlfriend Taissia. She always likes to dominate her and let her know just who is boss. Runa will pin her girlfriend down, because she is going to sit right on her face with her cute panties on Taissia's face. She is laughing and amused.

Sophia is a very awesome 18 yr old brat, but she is also a very serious mistress that loves to get what she wants from her slave. He is a total pathetic loser to her, so she is going to humiliate him with her dirty feet in his mouth. She thinks it's so funny to make the slave lick and clean her dirty feet as she takes pictures.

Madame Raven Rae is a mistress that really knows know to take charge and it totally experienced. She is going to make her slaves do really gross things while she is laughing at them. One of her slaves will be on the ground, while the other is licking her dirty toilet seat. She makes her slaves feel like the total losers that they really are.

Mistress Black Diamond is one of a kind, because she loves to kick slaves in the balls. She also thinks it is great to invite her friend over, so that she can get trained about how to kick a slave square in the balls. They are going to brutalize a slave and make him feel like a total loser on the ground groveling, because he is so pathetic.

Mistress Maras was tired of telling her boyfriend things and he ignores them. So she decided to talk to him in a language that he understood. So she pretended to want to have sex with him but ended up punishing him by stomping on him and trampling on his chest with her heels and bringing her full weight to bear on his poor body. He will never ignore her concerns again.

These two princess had a new fetish, and it involved pissing on other people. They would go and flirt with guys, and being hot, they had all the attention they wanted. Guys who thought that they would get lucky with them would them be made to drink their piss and then lick the last drops of pee from their pussies. Few did not like it, but most of them did.

Mistress Deborah had had a bad day, and she felt that she wanted to trample on someone in order to lighten her mood. So she took one slave and then trampled on him. She jumped on him without any mercy or consideration for the pain he felt. She also made him lick her dirty shoes and trampled his face and throat, just to make him know who was in charge.

July was new to trampling, and she wanted to perfect her skills. So she looked for a slave and then with her high heeled boots, she descended on his chest and stomach and trampled it without any mercy. She removed her feet and practised dominating and trampling her with her bare feet, bringing the full weight of her body to bear on his poor body and inflicted a lot of pain in the process.

Brooke is a great wrestler, just like Chadam came to find out. She pinned Chadam to the floor, and instead of leaving her alone because she had won, she went on to trample on her face with her ass and make her smell her dirty and sweaty ass. She wanted to humiliate and punish her for doubting that she was the stronger of the two wrestlers and for making her have to prove it.

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