Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Girl Saskia knows what she wants and she needs practice to be the best. She gets her slave and ties him up. She strips down to her panties and begins to sit on him. As she gets better, she strips completely naked and puts her bare feet in his face. She steps on him and she sits on him, cutting his breath off. She loves being in control and getting her practice in.

When it's time to relax, Miss Amandine knows just what to do for her lover. She lays him on the floor and puts on her black high heels. She walks up and down his back, digging her heels into knots of muscles. She puts her full weight onto his throat, making it hard to breathe. To make sure he is relaxed, she jumps up and down on his dick, giving it her full weight.

There is nothing that he can say to stop his punishment. When he displeases his two mistresses, he has to be punished. They stripped from the waist down. They made sure that he feels his punishment. The put on their boots and start to kick him in his dick. They aim for his balls and makes sure he feels the pain. He goes to his knees but that doesn't stop them, they make sure he gets all his just deserts.

Teodora and Sibilla,dressed in their white tights ride the face of the skinny girl. They look very hot in their tight white stretch pants as they stick their asses and pussies right into her face and ride back and forth making skinny girl smell their their beautiful pussies and ass holes. The sexy long haired brunettes take full advantage of their skinny girl slave and ride her face till they come.

Addicted foot pervs get their dreams to come true as they get some of the sexiest girls around to stick their bare feet into the face of the perverts. The Goddesses make sure the slaves hand over plenty of money for the honor and privilege of letting the foot-pervs worship their lovely feet. It is not a free ride for them as they must pay up to suck on their feet.

This sexy tatto girl smothers her slave as she sits on top pf his face with her painted on blue jeans. The slave gets to breathe in sexy tatto girls jeans ass as he cannot escape from underneath her sexy ass. She relaxes on top of her human chair checking out a etxt message on her cell phone as her slave struggles to breathe underneath her sexy jeans ass and pussy

Mia and Emma meet again on the mats for a unique tie up challenge match. The two sexy girls go hard at each other using multiple moves like the forward and reverse facesits and they even tie each other up to get the advantage. Both the girls are wearing their sexy bras and panties in this hardcore amateur wrestling match and in the end only one girl will win.

Mistress Anna may be new, but don't let that ever fool anyone. She is just as brutal as the rest of the mistresses that love to smother and walk all over a slave. She is going to take her new wedge heels and show a slave he is nothing, but walking all over his body and sticking her wedge into his face and mouth. She is a true natural.

Alex and Olive are two extremely hot and sexy babes. Their slave is a total loser and they always make fun of him being fat. He is going to find out what it is like to have the ass's of two hot girls on his face. The ladies will take turns riding his pathetic face and giving him a good dose of their lady scent all over him.

Miss Chloee is very daring, but also a fun time if a foot or boot fetish is in order. This pretty lady is going to be walking outside to meet her slave that must not only give her money, but the slave is going to lay on the ground so that she can walk all over his body and even get her boots cleaned by the slave's mouth.

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