Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Mia and Emma meet again on the mats for a unique tie up challenge match. The two sexy girls go hard at each other using multiple moves like the forward and reverse facesits and they even tie each other up to get the advantage. Both the girls are wearing their sexy bras and panties in this hardcore amateur wrestling match and in the end only one girl will win.

Mistress Anna may be new, but don't let that ever fool anyone. She is just as brutal as the rest of the mistresses that love to smother and walk all over a slave. She is going to take her new wedge heels and show a slave he is nothing, but walking all over his body and sticking her wedge into his face and mouth. She is a true natural.

Alex and Olive are two extremely hot and sexy babes. Their slave is a total loser and they always make fun of him being fat. He is going to find out what it is like to have the ass's of two hot girls on his face. The ladies will take turns riding his pathetic face and giving him a good dose of their lady scent all over him.

Miss Chloee is very daring, but also a fun time if a foot or boot fetish is in order. This pretty lady is going to be walking outside to meet her slave that must not only give her money, but the slave is going to lay on the ground so that she can walk all over his body and even get her boots cleaned by the slave's mouth.

Miss Atrax loves to get brutal with her whips. She has her friend Lady Chantal come over and they proceed to whip a slave super hard. The slave gets whipped so hard, they are leaving marks on his body, but that doesn't matter to the lovely ladies. They are enjoying all of the torture they are inflicting to the slave and his naked body tied up.

Sexy 18 year old Jenni turns her 30 year old slave, Walter into her submissive foot boy as she makes him lick the bottoms of her shoes with his perverted tongue. Walter licks the soles of her dirty shoes clean as she sits back and relaxes and watches the pathetic older guy grovel at her feet. She shows a complete lack of respect for her elders as Walter licks her shoes

The teacher gets stomped out by the four sexy school girls for being a perverted lecher. The girls knock him on the ground and begin kicking him with their hard black boots making him scream in pain. Once he is totally submissive on the ground the sexy school girls stomp and trample on top of his fat,shirtless body without mercy. They teach him a hard lesson with their sexy footwear

Sexy Goddess Victoria tramples her slave as she walks all over his body with her knee high black leather boots. Victoria tramples his whole body from head to toe as she crushes his cock and balls with the full weight of her heavy black boots. It is a savage trampling on his body as Victoria walks all over him without any mercy and crushes his face and hands

This hot brunette dressed in all white loves to dance as she makes her slave her human dance floor. She sways to the music on top of her slaves shirtless body with her knee high white leather boots on. She crushes and tramples him underneath her full weight as she gives the slave a nice dance right on top of his skinny body. She dominates and humiliates her slave boy

There are times that a slave has been perfect and deserves a treat. Mistress Madaira is one that doesn't mind treating her slaves. She pisses into a hurricane glass and gives it to her slave to drink. She knows he enjoys a glass of hot piss when he has been good so she lets him wash it out of her bare pussy into the jar. She watches him drain the glass happily.

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