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Lady Milena knows you want to be her toilet. She brings you and her friend, Lady Sheyla to the disco, where they drink and dance. But, after all that time on the filthy club's floor, they need to have their sexy high heels cleaned. That's where you come into the story. In this hot POV clip, they order you to lick and kiss the soles of their shoes, despite the coating of slime that they've picked up in the club and in the bathroom.

Home from the gym, Madame Marissa needs some foot love. She calls in her foot-boy, who cleans the soles of her sneakers, then sniffs and kisses her sock-covered feet. She steps on his head, then rubs her smelly socks on his face. Madame Marissa lets him have the socks in his mouth as a special treat. Then, she peels off her socks and puts her gorgeous feet back on his face. Finally, he can kiss and worship them as he should.

Mistress Lea takes her slave for a walk in the woods making sure to step into as much as the dirt and the mud as possible so her shoes are completely filthy. She gets her boots nice and filthy and she finds a nice and quite place to rest and she makes her loser slave get down on the ground so she can humiliate him by making him lick all the dirt and filth off of her nasty boots.

Mistress Kitty is enjoying a nice cigarette break in the woods and catches a stalker watching her in the distance. She orders him over and makes him get on his knees. Her hot cigarette is let out in his mouth. Then the blonde femdom shoves his mouth onto her black boots. He licks all of the dirt from the bottom of her shoes.

This bratty brunette walks home in her white high heels, devising a new punishment for her obedient slave who is trapped in her house. She sits on her favorite stool and orders him to lick the soles of her dirty white heels, his eager tongue brushing against the dirty leather again and again until there isn't a scrap of filth left and his tongue is aching from the hard foot worship.

Mistress Maeva is out for a walk in the mud with her shoe slave as she sits down after a few hours worth of walking and looks at her sneakers she sees how dirt they are, she smiles and commands her shoe slave to lick her shoes clean and not to stop until she says so. Her slave worships her dirty soles as he licks them clean, his mistress loves humiliating her slave.

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