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Madame Marissa had warned her slave against pissing her off. She had told him what she did not like so that he avoided doing those things. She had also told her that when she is pissed, she likes to torture and humiliate so he had to avoid pissing her at all costs. But the slave wanted to test her so he flouted one of the things she told him. She got offended and she crushed him savagely with her socks and she choked him.

I make this loser lie down on the floor and immediately start to stomp his hands with my sneakers on. I enjoy how he screams in pain as I walk, stomp and jump on his hands and like I would care about his pain! After a while, I take my shoes off, but continue to trample his hands right away. My foot soles might be softer than the sneaker rubber soles, but I make that up by stomping his hands even harder!

Cassandra doesn't mind when she gets her feet sweaty because she knows that she has a foot fetish slave that will gladly lick all the sweat off for her. She had her boots on all day today so her feet are especially sweaty. Her slave lies in the floor ready to receive her sweaty feet. She puts her cute nylon socks in his face then takes them off to lick her bare feet.

Home from the gym, Madame Marissa needs some foot love. She calls in her foot-boy, who cleans the soles of her sneakers, then sniffs and kisses her sock-covered feet. She steps on his head, then rubs her smelly socks on his face. Madame Marissa lets him have the socks in his mouth as a special treat. Then, she peels off her socks and puts her gorgeous feet back on his face. Finally, he can kiss and worship them as he should.

Felicia is a sweet looking blonde girl who knows that this foot boy will do anything she wants him to. She wants him to worship her feet so he does. He adores her feet with shoelicking and takes her shoes off so he can sniff her sweaty socks. He takes her socks off so he can lick her bare feet and suck on her toes. He loves the smell of her feet.

When Beauty Lang gets her first female slave, she has to find a way to intimidate and break her in. She loves the idea of having a tiny woman to dominate. Instead of yelling at her, Beauty Lang gave her the rules as she walked all over her new slave. She trampled her slave with her full weight and when she was done, she sat and talked to her. While she spoke to her slave, she was happy to nudge her with her sock covered feet.

Tempting and supple brunette Miss Raven and her boyfriend go to a Christmas Party. She decides to play with and tease one of the remaining party guests and humiliates him by making him her cuckold slave. She sits on the arm of the couch next to him and kicks off her boots and socks. Her long legs looks so tender and soft as she rubs her feet in his face.

Murderotica is a woman that loves to pus things as far as they will go. She loves to put her slave on a table that leaves his head hanging off. When he is positioned just right, she climbs on top of him and puts her sock covered feet in his face. She is happy to watch him struggle to breathe. She takes her socks off and smothers him with her bare feet.

The beautiful Emily tramples her slave under her feet. She loves the feel of him under her socks. She takes them off and smothers him with them and makes him smell the wet and dirt. She then tramples him with her bare feet and stands on his face will her full weight. This powerful girl loves to feel the power of having a man under her feet that is unable to move.

Sexy redhead Carol Ann has entered the sweaty feet challenge almot guaranteed to win the five hundred dollar prize. Her challenge was to wear the same stinky socks for three weeks straight just so she can shove them in her slaves face to see if he survive 3o minutes of torture. Carol Ann took her boots off and shoved her vomit inducing smelly socks right in his nose for 30 minutes

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