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Madame Marissa is tired of her useless slave sitting around doing nothing at all and she's about to finally do something about it right now. Since he has no job to do, she's going to give him one. She's going to use him as a stool. She orders him to his knees and plants her sexy ass right down onto his face. He'll have to smell her dirty asshole while she eats.

I make this loser lie down on the floor and immediately start to stomp his hands with my sneakers on. I enjoy how he screams in pain as I walk, stomp and jump on his hands and like I would care about his pain! After a while, I take my shoes off, but continue to trample his hands right away. My foot soles might be softer than the sneaker rubber soles, but I make that up by stomping his hands even harder!

My hiking boots are totally muddy after a nice long walk in the woods and I haven't cleaned them yet. I walk up to my slave while holding the boots in my hands and I put the first one on. I put my foot on his face while I tie the shoe and after putting on the second shoe as well, I get on his naked chest and clean my boots on his skin. I also step on his head and use his face as a doormat for my muddy boots. In the end, his chest and face are completely covered in mud and my boots are more or less clean.

During a walk in the woods my friend and I had a mean idea, but needed some preparation. We get our boots totally muddy and dirty before heading back home. When the slave opens the door for us, we show him the extremely dirty boots and order him to lie down on the floor. Then we use him as our living doormat to clean every single inch of mud off of our sexy footwear.

Smoldering hot mistress Madame Marissa ties up her slave and she will not tell him what the torture for the day is. She waits until he is completely secure and cannot escape before she starts biting and scratching him. He screams from the pain and she just keeps dominating him with more bites until his body is covered with nasty bite marks. This is only the start of her cruelty.

This seductive and dominating mistress Madame Marissa likes to multi-task. She likes to get some dishes done while she is torturing her slave. She makes her loser slave lie in the floor under the sink and she stands on him trampling him while she's doing dishes. She stops between dishes to trample him and torture him with facestanding. She stands on him with her full weight until the dishes are done.

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