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Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

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Madame Marissa does not like to be contradicted by her slave. When she realized her slave had, she had to show him what she did to people who contradicted her. She used her high heels to trample on him. She crushed his stomach and his chest and she made him cry in pain. She even attempted dancing on his body and it was even more painful for the poor slave.

These mistresses were told of how this loser had bullied one of their members. They had been bullied a lot and they resolved to form a group to look out for their own interests and protect themselves. So when they heard one of their friends had been bullied, the bully was made to experience the worst pain he had ever felt. He was trampled by all the mistresses at the same time. He never bullied anyone again.

Princess Kitty uses her basement as her torture chambers. She loves to take losers there and giving them a beating. Some of them deserve it and some do not. Those who do not deserve the beating are usually those who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time when she feels like humiliating and torturing someone. This loser was one of them and she crushed his fingers and tortured him for fun.

Madame Marissa is a cruel mistress. She likes to inflict pain on losers and sometimes she does it even without them having done anything. For her, if she feels like doing it, that in itself is reason enough. Today she took a cigarette and smoked it. While she smoked it, she asked herself how it would feel to use her slave as her human ashtray. She went to him and she used him as a human ashtray.

Miss Asera discovered that her slave had gotten used to her punishment and she wanted to give her another one. She did not want him to ignore what she told him just because he did not fear her punishment. So she decided to try something she had never tried before. She used her boots to crush his balls and his cock. She also rushed his head and his stomach as well.

Laura is a cute mistress but she is deadly. She dominates a slave by trampling his head with her big chunky shoes. The slave's head is crushed under the full weight of her shoes. She liked the feeling of trampling head with these shoes so much that she stands on him in every different position to crush his head the most. It gives her a rush to feel this domination.

Madame Marissa tries to keep her Femdom interesting. First, she simply walks on her slaves hands, crushing them underfoot. Then, she gets a running start and stomps on his hands, mashing them with her full weight. Then she gets a step-stool and ruins his hands by jumping on them from the top step. This punishing jump is viewed in reverse angle, too, so you can enjoy the thought of this goddess ruining your hands! Say thank you to your Madame!

Laura treats her slave, Mark, to a round of stomping on his face with her white high heels. She tramples his head over and over while he flinches in pain from her pointed heels. She crushes his head into the floor over and over, poking her sharp heels into his neck, ear, and face. Mark's pain is obvious throughout, but he can't do a thing about it.

Mistress Melisa knows that not everyone can take the pain she dishes out. She starts by crushing her poor slave's cock and balls with her bare feet. His erect cock shows that he loves the attention! After she emasculates the worthless worm, she treats him to a special massage, walking up and down on his body and treating him like a human carpet. She uses her full weight to punish him with her divine bare feet.

Mercedez loves to dance, but she is sick of the assholes that constantly hit on her so she wants to do a little hitting of her own, in their nuts. Her and Megan bring one home and tie his hands behind his back so they can kick and abuse him without him getting away. They take turns dominating him with painful ballbusting and completely crush his nuts with their high heels.

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