Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

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Cruel Megan is so desirable that pathetic submissives will pay to have her ruin their balls with her pointed white leather boots. This fat piece of crap insults her by only paying $10 per kick. Cruel Megan takes the money and punishes him with a shot to the testicles that cripple him! He falls to the ground as Cruel Megan taunts him and then DESTROYS his pathetic manhood by kicking him while he's down. Will you be Cruel Megan's next eunuch?

Miss Chloe Amour brought her hot girlfriend Miss Liv Aguilera to a ballbusting session to punish one slave. Both of them are gorgeous and spicy Latinas so they can kick really hard. They wreck his cock and balls with hard kicks while they have their shoes on. They take turns brutally ballbusting him until his nuts have to be ruptured inside of his sack. All these girls do is laugh.

This loser pervert followed this pretty brunette home thinking he would get some free ass, but all he got was his ass kicked. She slams him with some hard and fast kicks to the nuts. She dominates him with ballbusting several times until he falls to the floor and she gives him a brutal full body trampling with her sneakers on. She jumps up and down with her full weight on his stomach.

Mercedez loves to dance, but she is sick of the assholes that constantly hit on her so she wants to do a little hitting of her own, in their nuts. Her and Megan bring one home and tie his hands behind his back so they can kick and abuse him without him getting away. They take turns dominating him with painful ballbusting and completely crush his nuts with their high heels.

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