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Good help is so hard to find! Lady Sue rewards her slave by dominating him while wearing black and red lingerie and black boots. But he's no good at the job she wants him to do: to kiss and worship her boots with her tongue. Lady Sue tries to teach him, patiently, with a boot to the back of his neck, but then she has to stand up and strike him with the riding crop to correct his sloppy work.

Cruel Megan is so desirable that pathetic submissives will pay to have her ruin their balls with her pointed white leather boots. This fat piece of crap insults her by only paying $10 per kick. Cruel Megan takes the money and punishes him with a shot to the testicles that cripple him! He falls to the ground as Cruel Megan taunts him and then DESTROYS his pathetic manhood by kicking him while he's down. Will you be Cruel Megan's next eunuch?

Lady Milena knows that she is so hot that she can treat her slaves however she wants to. That's why she puts a mask on this slave and makes him worship her feet. She orders him to lie at her feet and she sticks her high heel boots in his face. He has to lick all the dirt off. After some shoelicking, she starts holding her hands over his mouth and nose smothering him.

Cruel Mistress Natasha walked around in the mud with her high heel boots and got them full of mud. She walks in and her footboy is waiting on his knees to clean his mistress's boots with his tongue. He licks them all over and gets the nasty mud in his mouth, but he must continue until all of Mistress Natasha's high heel boots are shiny and completely free of mud.

There's nothing hotter than watching a slave being forced to do things he doesn't want to do. Take this lucky guy. His humiliation is extreme in this femdom movie, where he is forced to lick dirty high heel boots clean after they have been worn for hours on end. These high heels are beautiful, and this foot slave loves cleaning them. He even gets his loser mouth spit in, for good measure.

Mistress Katja has on some new shiny knee high boots and wants a foot slave to lick them for her to turn her on. Punishment is on her sexy little mind as she calls over her foot worship slave. He lays on her floor as she places her lounge chair on his chest and sits on him. The pain from the crushing is brutal but he takes it all while licking her new boots and sweaty feet.

Princess Nadine puts her trusty humiliation slave through his paces as she orders him to lay on the floor with a sofa perched upon his chest, happy to see him there she slips carefully onto the pretty clean leather couch and lays herself down crushing him under her . As he glances up trying to keep the sofa steady he can see glimpses of her long bare thighs and her beautiful knee high leather high heed boots. Mistress, taking pity on him she slips one leg off the sofa and offers him a heel to suck as a reward.

This sexy Blonde Dominatrix loves to sit on her slaves face smothering him with her perfect ass, she loves to have him smell her woman scent as she lowers her thong covered ass onto his face while she is wearing a very sexy leather corset and over-knees high heeled boots, watch how she humiliates her slave and who knows... she may give him the chance to lick her ass and pussy later on.

This face trampling mistress loves humiliating her foot slave by making them worship her feet as she removes her black high heel boots and shoves her stinky socks in his face for her slave to smell. She then removes her socks revealing her bare feet with little painted toenails, she places a pillow on his head and stands on his face crushing his head under the pillow as he gasps for air.

Princess Bridget smokes a cigarette and then makes her spit slave get down on his knees as she has him open his mouth and swallow the ash of her cigarette she then puts it out right between his eyes as he cringes in pain. This dark mistress then spits in his mouth after smoking her cigarette and delivers one ballbusting blow as he falls to the floor and is commanded to kiss her high heel boots.

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