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Princess Nadine puts her trusty humiliation slave through his paces as she orders him to lay on the floor with a sofa perched upon his chest, happy to see him there she slips carefully onto the pretty clean leather couch and lays herself down crushing him under her . As he glances up trying to keep the sofa steady he can see glimpses of her long bare thighs and her beautiful knee high leather high heed boots. Mistress, taking pity on him she slips one leg off the sofa and offers him a heel to suck as a reward.

Janine has a new couch for her lounge and decides that it is a good time to test it out on her slave, after she verbally abuses and humiliates him she commands him to lay down on the floor with the couch on his chest, she commands him to balance the couch by holding it with his arms, once he has it balanced she gets on to it and take a nap while he is crushed under it.

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