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Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

All articles tagged with "Boot Worship"

Debra has just come in from the wet, muddy outdoors and she has a problem. Her sexy, knee-high black boots are all covered with mud and dirt! Fortunately, she has a worthless, disgusting boot slave! She summons him and he begins to lick the scum from her boots. The beautiful domme smears the slime on his face and he enjoys every minute of the humiliation.

Good help is so hard to find! Lady Sue rewards her slave by dominating him while wearing black and red lingerie and black boots. But he's no good at the job she wants him to do: to kiss and worship her boots with her tongue. Lady Sue tries to teach him, patiently, with a boot to the back of his neck, but then she has to stand up and strike him with the riding crop to correct his sloppy work.

Mistress Katja has on some new shiny knee high boots and wants a foot slave to lick them for her to turn her on. Punishment is on her sexy little mind as she calls over her foot worship slave. He lays on her floor as she places her lounge chair on his chest and sits on him. The pain from the crushing is brutal but he takes it all while licking her new boots and sweaty feet.

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