Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

All articles tagged with "Ass Worship"

Mysteria loves to facesit on slaves. It makes them find it hard to breathe and she can also fart on them and make them inhale her farts

Sibilla's trampling and smothering game had become rusty. She planned to polish it up. She took her slave and faecesat on him, farted on him and made him almost choke

This guy loves Krista's ass. She liked to wrestle and they would wrestle then the guy allows himself to be defeated and smothered with her ass. It was a win win for both of them

Mistress Alice is a woman that knows she is the one running the show. Alice knows that her slave needs to be punished and she takes pleasure in punishing him. She dresses in her tightest tights and presses the full weight of her ass into his face. She humiliates him by changing different positions and pressing into his face. She loves facesitting and punishing him. He seems to like it too because he keeps acting up.

This sexy Blonde Dominatrix loves to sit on her slaves face smothering him with her perfect ass, she loves to have him smell her woman scent as she lowers her thong covered ass onto his face while she is wearing a very sexy leather corset and over-knees high heeled boots, watch how she humiliates her slave and who knows... she may give him the chance to lick her ass and pussy later on.

Nadia and her friend are having some fun when Nadia decides to dominate her friend but smothering her with her ass until she almost passes out, Nadia turns and laughs at her friend as she recovers and proceeds to remove her pants and smother her further with her bare ass, watch this clip of savage Femdom and see how far Nadia will go in her quest to dominate and humiliate her friend

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