Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

All articles tagged with "Ball Busting"

Cruel Megan is so desirable that pathetic submissives will pay to have her ruin their balls with her pointed white leather boots. This fat piece of crap insults her by only paying $10 per kick. Cruel Megan takes the money and punishes him with a shot to the testicles that cripple him! He falls to the ground as Cruel Megan taunts him and then DESTROYS his pathetic manhood by kicking him while he's down. Will you be Cruel Megan's next eunuch?

These girls know what they want to do and they do it together. They call a slave up and strip him of his pants and underwear. They pull him into an empty room and start to kick his balls. They are happy to use the point of their high heels to kick his balls and cock. They love watching him fall to his knees and beg for mercy. This is how they enjoy their day.

When Goddess Megan brings her friend around, she loves to teach them how to abuse her slave. She knows that he hasn't done anything to deserve their anger but that doesn't stop her. She knows that her friend loves to have her feet played with so she puts her slave to work. First she makes him strip off is pants and boxers. They are happy to kick him in the balls and dick. Once they have him on his knees, they make him lick and sniff their feet.

Megan has a little anger problem and she decides to take it out on the closest person - her boyfriend. She makes him pull his pants down and she uses her sexy feet to kick him dead in his balls crushing them and sending him painfully on his knees. Continuing his punishment he licks her dirty feet that has rocks and dust stuck to the bottoms.

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