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Mistress Celine is a popular girl in school and many girls want to be friends with her. Many of them want to be in her circle and she only allows very few to be. This girl looked promising so she decided to test her further. She called her to where she was studying and made her lick the soles of her shoes and to her surprise, she did it without asking questions. She took her in.

This guy tried to say something negative about Ariana and Aurora so they could feel insecure and fall in his trap. But they were brighter than that and he fell for theirs. They pretended to fall in his trap and took him to their house where they tortured him by trampling him and sticking their toes in his mouth and having him suck them and lick them the way they wanted.

Home from the gym, Madame Marissa needs some foot love. She calls in her foot-boy, who cleans the soles of her sneakers, then sniffs and kisses her sock-covered feet. She steps on his head, then rubs her smelly socks on his face. Madame Marissa lets him have the socks in his mouth as a special treat. Then, she peels off her socks and puts her gorgeous feet back on his face. Finally, he can kiss and worship them as he should.

Lisa knows she has stinky feet but she doesn't care. She hates it when her feet are cold but she has a wonderful solution. To warm her feet, she calls her slave to her and sits a chair on top of him. She rubs her bare feet all over his face. She knows that her foot odor gags him but she doesn't care. She wants her feet warmed and his face is the perfect temperature.

Cassandra and her boyfriend have weird fetishes. This time, they were trying foot fetishes. She made him lick her stinky feet and smelly socks

Tingting was mad at her boyfriend for staring at other girls. As his punishment, she trampled on his face with her stinky feet and socks

Lisa wanted to show this guy that he was nothing. She made him lie down and then stepped on his mouth and nose almost choking him

Mistress Maeva does not play around when it comes to domination and punishing her slaves. She took this slave and went threw him down on the grass before trampling his mouth hard with her heels then forcing his leg into his mouth. She wanted to show him who was boss and also humiliate and punish him so that he can know better than to show any disrespect to her in the future.

Mistress Svenja was asked for a favor by her co worker. But before agreeing to it, she wanted one herself. She had heard about trampling, and she wanted to try it out. So her colleague came and then she got on top of his naked top half of the body and trampled on him with her high heels. She was at first scared about the pain she inflicted, but she brushed it off and started enjoying it.

Nicole had been watching too many BDSM movies, and she was hooked on trampling. She invited her boyfriend over and asked him to try a new fetish she had. He thought it would be awesome, but soon found out that it was at his expense. She trampled and smothered on him with her high heels. When the pain was too much for him, she removed them and used her bare feet to trample his chest and face.

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