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This mistress did not want to overthink punishing her slave. She wanted it to be a simple and straightforward issue. And that is why she chose to use what she had readily available. She used her sneakers to trample this loser and make sure that he knew that anything and everything was on the table when it came to punishing him. He licked her dirty soles before she trampled him.

Teodora is a sexy young dominating mistress with amazingly strong legs who tramples her slave. She leaves her sneakers on hoping to inflict as much pain as she can while she walks up and down his body like a human carpet. He winces in pain while Teodora tramples him with her full weight and dances around while she crushes his puny body under her feet and even jumps up and down on him.

Madame Marissa tries to keep her Femdom interesting. First, she simply walks on her slaves hands, crushing them underfoot. Then, she gets a running start and stomps on his hands, mashing them with her full weight. Then she gets a step-stool and ruins his hands by jumping on them from the top step. This punishing jump is viewed in reverse angle, too, so you can enjoy the thought of this goddess ruining your hands! Say thank you to your Madame!

A blonde young woman tortures her bound boy-toy, teasing and tormenting him, then kicking him while he's down. When he squirms into a different pose, she stands on top of the worm with her full weight, trampling his torso and face. She casually smokes a cigarette while she enjoys her domination, then flicks her ash on him before spitting on the pale, skinny submissive boy. Finally, she squats on his back, letting him enjoy her full weight once more.

Home from the gym, Madame Marissa needs some foot love. She calls in her foot-boy, who cleans the soles of her sneakers, then sniffs and kisses her sock-covered feet. She steps on his head, then rubs her smelly socks on his face. Madame Marissa lets him have the socks in his mouth as a special treat. Then, she peels off her socks and puts her gorgeous feet back on his face. Finally, he can kiss and worship them as he should.

When Beauty Lang gets her first female slave, she has to find a way to intimidate and break her in. She loves the idea of having a tiny woman to dominate. Instead of yelling at her, Beauty Lang gave her the rules as she walked all over her new slave. She trampled her slave with her full weight and when she was done, she sat and talked to her. While she spoke to her slave, she was happy to nudge her with her sock covered feet.

Mistress Lea's slave thought he could get out of an outdoor trampling because it was a rainy day, but Mistress Lea likes it even better. She loves to see his humiliation as he lies on the ground covered in mud from her sneakers. She gives him a brutal full body trampling and jumps up and down on him with her sneakers on and crushes his fat body with her full weight.

Goddess Pio is being extra brutal with her slave today. She sits on his chest, spits in his mouth and starts slapping him. She stands on top of him in her sneakers and starts trampling him hard. She starts facestanding on him then takes her shoes off and jumps up and down on his chest and stomach with her full weight crushing his body. She looks him in the eye and continues to abuse him.

Mistress Cassandra comes home from a long days work wanting to relax, she calls in her foot slave to come and take care of business. She has her slave remove her stinky sneakers as she shoves them in his face forcing him to smell her delicious scent. This young mistress then lays back as she shoves her dirty socks in his face as he smells her dirty socks and licks her dirty soles. He then removes her socks and begins to smell her stinky bare feet as she shoves her toes in his mouth to be cleaned.

Mistress Maeva is out for a walk in the mud with her shoe slave as she sits down after a few hours worth of walking and looks at her sneakers she sees how dirt they are, she smiles and commands her shoe slave to lick her shoes clean and not to stop until she says so. Her slave worships her dirty soles as he licks them clean, his mistress loves humiliating her slave.

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