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The only thing that this cute young girl like more than smoking is spitting. She mixes them both in this hot clip. She lures you in because she looks so sexy smoking. When you are mesmerized by her beauty, she spits right in your face. This is the type of humiliation you should expect from this hot little tease because she gets off on making men want her then spitting on them.

Stellina spits all over this guy's chest and covers him with her saliva. She wants to see him completely soaked with her spit so she takes the soles of her shoes and smears it all over his body. She uses her shoes to smear it over every inch of his body. Then he has to lick all the dirt off her shoe and polish it spotless with his tongue.

A blonde young woman tortures her bound boy-toy, teasing and tormenting him, then kicking him while he's down. When he squirms into a different pose, she stands on top of the worm with her full weight, trampling his torso and face. She casually smokes a cigarette while she enjoys her domination, then flicks her ash on him before spitting on the pale, skinny submissive boy. Finally, she squats on his back, letting him enjoy her full weight once more.

Just imagine if it was you that was used in the sexy Mistress Katja's spitting game. In this hot and funny clip, the poor disgusted slave boy has had his face drawn on to transform it into Katja's own personal dartboard. She spits onto it again and again until it is absolutely dripping with her sweet saliva and even though the humiliated slave wrinkles his face in disgust she shows no signs of stopping.

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