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Teodora and Misty have just gotten back from cheerleader practice. They're in a mood to do something special to their slave with just their pretty feet. Watching all the other hot girls in practice always turns them on and the best way to get off is to torture their slave to get themselves nice and wet and ready to fuck each other. They climb right up and trample his entire body.

Teodora is a sexy young dominating mistress with amazingly strong legs who tramples her slave. She leaves her sneakers on hoping to inflict as much pain as she can while she walks up and down his body like a human carpet. He winces in pain while Teodora tramples him with her full weight and dances around while she crushes his puny body under her feet and even jumps up and down on him.

Teodora and Sibilla,dressed in their white tights ride the face of the skinny girl. They look very hot in their tight white stretch pants as they stick their asses and pussies right into her face and ride back and forth making skinny girl smell their their beautiful pussies and ass holes. The sexy long haired brunettes take full advantage of their skinny girl slave and ride her face till they come.

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