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Teodora and Misty have just gotten back from cheerleader practice. They're in a mood to do something special to their slave with just their pretty feet. Watching all the other hot girls in practice always turns them on and the best way to get off is to torture their slave to get themselves nice and wet and ready to fuck each other. They climb right up and trample his entire body.

Mistress Pandora is in the mood to really cause a lot of pain and she has no problem with inflicting it on her slave down in the basement. She gets him on his back and climbs right up with her full weight on top of him. She marches her way to his stomach and stands there to make sure he cant' breathe. Then she jumps up and down while he screams.

During a walk in the woods my friend and I had a mean idea, but needed some preparation. We get our boots totally muddy and dirty before heading back home. When the slave opens the door for us, we show him the extremely dirty boots and order him to lie down on the floor. Then we use him as our living doormat to clean every single inch of mud off of our sexy footwear.

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