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Mistress Jardena wanted this guy to learn that she was not his equal. He was trying to mess with her but she did not take it kindly even though he said it was a joke. She facesat on him as she had been dying to do it for some time and she then made him smell her asshole and also lick it. He ran away at the slightest chance he got.

Teodora and Sibilla,dressed in their white tights ride the face of the skinny girl. They look very hot in their tight white stretch pants as they stick their asses and pussies right into her face and ride back and forth making skinny girl smell their their beautiful pussies and ass holes. The sexy long haired brunettes take full advantage of their skinny girl slave and ride her face till they come.

Gorgeous big titted Brazilian Jessica totally humiliates her two female slaves as she smacks their faces on the bed and then rides them with her nice pussy lips. Jessica rubs her nice juicy Brazilian ass into the faces of the two sexy female slaves as they lie on the bed under the full weight of this Brazilian goddess. This stunning brunette with her huge melons face sits on top of the slaves

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