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Lisa knows she has stinky feet but she doesn't care. She hates it when her feet are cold but she has a wonderful solution. To warm her feet, she calls her slave to her and sits a chair on top of him. She rubs her bare feet all over his face. She knows that her foot odor gags him but she doesn't care. She wants her feet warmed and his face is the perfect temperature.

Murderotica was having a great day and was celebrating her success. But there was something missing. A friend suggested she gets a slave, and she did just that. She made her slave lick her feet and suck them as well. She wanted it done slowly and with care. Her feet were smelly and sweaty from wearing shoes the whole day, and her slave was forced to lick and suck the sweat out of them.

Carolyn sits above her foot slave and pushes her shoes into his chest. She makes her slave take off her shoes and smell her feet in sweaty socks. She makes him sniff and lick her stinky feet after walking around in her shoes all day. She humiliates her slave by making him sniff her smelly, sweaty socks rubbing them all over his face. Carolyn giggles as she dominates her foot worshipping slave.

Mistress Lyndsey isn't going to put up with any nonsense for her foot lave and today she is determined to break him properly , her feet are week and truly filthy as she orders him to the floor to his rightful place beneath her, he obeys and she wastes no time grinding her dirt covered stinky feet all over his face before ordering to open his mouth wide and pushing all her toes into his stretched mouth and telling him to suck them clean.

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