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Alexis is hot and loves flirting. She did it to this guy and confused him with her dominating gestures at the same time. She used him as her footboy to indulge in her foot fetish while he hoped for more

This girl is cruel. She invited her crush to her place despite her boyfriend being around. She made her boyfriend lick her feet and her toilet while she made out with the crush

Miss Chloe Amour brought her hot girlfriend Miss Liv Aguilera to a ballbusting session to punish one slave. Both of them are gorgeous and spicy Latinas so they can kick really hard. They wreck his cock and balls with hard kicks while they have their shoes on. They take turns brutally ballbusting him until his nuts have to be ruptured inside of his sack. All these girls do is laugh.

Cute and dominating brunettes Miss Chloe Amour and Miss Liv Aguilera order a second slave to be punished by both of them because they like humiliating one at a time. They make him spread his legs so they can step down on his cock and balls and crush them. On top of the ballbusting, they make him worship their feet and even bend over for some hot ass smelling.

Tempting and supple brunette Miss Raven and her boyfriend go to a Christmas Party. She decides to play with and tease one of the remaining party guests and humiliates him by making him her cuckold slave. She sits on the arm of the couch next to him and kicks off her boots and socks. Her long legs looks so tender and soft as she rubs her feet in his face.

Madame Raven Rae is a mistress that really knows know to take charge and it totally experienced. She is going to make her slaves do really gross things while she is laughing at them. One of her slaves will be on the ground, while the other is licking her dirty toilet seat. She makes her slaves feel like the total losers that they really are.

This loser has a foot fetish, and had begged Miss Kimmy to let her lick her feet and suck her toes. Kimmy agreed, and when the loser came, she was with her boyfriend. He sucked on her toes and licked his feet while Kimmy and her boyfriend humiliated him by making fun of him and even kissing and getting all touchy while he was there. They did not care at all about him.

Addicted foot pervs get their dreams to come true as they get some of the sexiest girls around to stick their bare feet into the face of the perverts. The Goddesses make sure the slaves hand over plenty of money for the honor and privilege of letting the foot-pervs worship their lovely feet. It is not a free ride for them as they must pay up to suck on their feet.

Miss Chloee is very daring, but also a fun time if a foot or boot fetish is in order. This pretty lady is going to be walking outside to meet her slave that must not only give her money, but the slave is going to lay on the ground so that she can walk all over his body and even get her boots cleaned by the slave's mouth.

Two hot babes, one blonde and one latina, love to be bitches towards guys. They walk around barefoot at the park and laugh at their slave as he licks their dirty feet clean. He sucks on their nasty toes until they are clean. The girls find it hilarious at how pathetic males are. They will do anything just to touch an inch of their beautiful bodies, even their feet!

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