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When this mistress was cheated on by her husband, she did not create a scene or bring any issues. Her husband wondered why she was that calm. But he came to find out a few days later when she brought home a man with a bigger dick than him and she fucked him as he watched. He had no choice and it hurt him like hell. Needless to say, he never cheated again.

Tempting and supple brunette Miss Raven and her boyfriend go to a Christmas Party. She decides to play with and tease one of the remaining party guests and humiliates him by making him her cuckold slave. She sits on the arm of the couch next to him and kicks off her boots and socks. Her long legs looks so tender and soft as she rubs her feet in his face.

Sexy big bust Lucy has the perfect situation, she has found that her husband is somewhat of a loser and that she can fuck anyone she likes, with the added bonus of having her husband watch as she lets well hung studs fuck her hard. When she is done with the fucking she will at least allow her husband to clean her up by licking her well fucked pussy.

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