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Sweet brunette Emily is just as cruel as she is beautiful. She makes her slave lie in the floor while she sits on top of him in a lawn chair trampling him. She uses her high heels to stomp his chest and scratch him. She walks on him like a human carpet and tramples him with her full weight crushing his body and and laughing while she kicks him and punishes him.

The beautiful Emily tramples her slave under her feet. She loves the feel of him under her socks. She takes them off and smothers him with them and makes him smell the wet and dirt. She then tramples him with her bare feet and stands on his face will her full weight. This powerful girl loves to feel the power of having a man under her feet that is unable to move.

This pathetic slave gets multiple blows by the sexy blonde and brunette duo of Emily and Maggie. The girls rain down blows on top of this slave while he lies in the tub. They are dressed in their eye catchig two piece bathing suits making the slave thoroughly aroused but there is nothing he can do about it. All he can is lie naked i the tub with the cold water on

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