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Goddess Jessica has to work at an office all day so she treats herself to a foot slave on her lunch break. She props her sexy legs in stockings up on her desk and the footboy starts licking the bottoms of her sweaty feet and toes. He licks her sweaty feet all over and puts her toes in his mouth. She just relaxes in her chair in foot fetish heaven.

Sexy foot fetish queen, Goddess Pio, relaxes and watches television while her footboy worships her feet with shoelicking. He washes the entire soles of her sneakers with his tongue and holds his mouth upen for more. She takes off her sneakers so she can humiliate him with sock smelling. He is forced to breathe in the aroma of her dirty and sweaty socks when she rubs them into his face.

Sexy redhead Carol Ann has entered the sweaty feet challenge almot guaranteed to win the five hundred dollar prize. Her challenge was to wear the same stinky socks for three weeks straight just so she can shove them in her slaves face to see if he survive 3o minutes of torture. Carol Ann took her boots off and shoved her vomit inducing smelly socks right in his nose for 30 minutes

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