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Felicia is a sweet looking blonde girl who knows that this foot boy will do anything she wants him to. She wants him to worship her feet so he does. He adores her feet with shoelicking and takes her shoes off so he can sniff her sweaty socks. He takes her socks off so he can lick her bare feet and suck on her toes. He loves the smell of her feet.

Mistress Demonia is in a really bad mood. There is nothing on the television, therefore she must divert her attention to something else that will satisfy her mood. She is going to start choking her slave and making his face red from the choking. She is also going to smother him and spit right in his mouth. She loves to be so brutal to this loser.

Runa is one of the best mistresses when it comes to facesitting. She is going to take her time with her girlfriend Taissia. She always likes to dominate her and let her know just who is boss. Runa will pin her girlfriend down, because she is going to sit right on her face with her cute panties on Taissia's face. She is laughing and amused.

Sexy redhead Carol Ann has entered the sweaty feet challenge almot guaranteed to win the five hundred dollar prize. Her challenge was to wear the same stinky socks for three weeks straight just so she can shove them in her slaves face to see if he survive 3o minutes of torture. Carol Ann took her boots off and shoved her vomit inducing smelly socks right in his nose for 30 minutes

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