Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

These mistresses found this guy cheating on their friend and they could not let it go. They dragged him to a suitable place nearby where they trampled him with all sorts of shoes from high heels to boots. They had him in pain and did not listen to his pleas for mercy. They made sure he regretted what he had done and that he told her himself so that they do not have to do it themselves.

Stacey likes to see her slave miserable. She came home from work and embarked on doing what she does best - humiliating her slave. She had him lie on the couch and she trampled his face with her ass. She was wearing jeans hot pants and she used them to trample and inflict pain on his face. He almost choked because she did not give him enough room to breathe properly.

This mistress found her boyfriend flirting with another girl. She pretended she had not seen it and when he came home, she asked him and he denied. She then told him what she saw and he started apologizing. She was furious and punished him for lying and for flirting with the girl. She spit on him to show her disgust and ordered him to lick and swallow all of that saliva.

Few mistresses are as cruel as mistress Michelle. She does not need a lot of reasons to punish, torture and humiliate a slave. She only needs a slight and flimsy excuse and she will happily do it. She found the flimsy reason with her slave and she rained hard and painful slaps on his face and trampled his face and mouth with her bare feet leaving him in a lot of pain.

Miss Arella wanted to test the strength of her high heels. She took her slave to a spare room and she made him lie down. She trampled his neck and his back with her high heels. She also jumped and crushed and kicked his cock and his balls regardless of the pain he felt and his screams of pain. By the time she was done, she was impressed with her shoes.

Madame Marissa had a bad day at work and when she got home, she was so furious that she could not sleep or rest or even eat. She used a flimsy excuse to take out her stress on her slave. She tied him up and spit into his mouth. She even tried to choke him with a leash she tied on his neck. She then was able to calm down.

Mistress Darkwing was asked to take care of this guy. But instead of taking care of him, she humiliated and tortured him instead. She forgot that he was a patient and she was his nurse. Instead she tried to choke him and abused him in all manner of ways. She made him evens sicker and made him give her the money that he had. She warned him not to tell anyone.

Aileen Taylor looked sexy and her slave did not complement her. She was mad because he always did. So she punished him for it. She made him remove his shirt and she trampled him with his shirt off. She used her high heels to trample him and he said he will never forget again. But she removed her high heels and continued trampling and torturing him with her bare feet.

Liz was having a wrestling contest with this guy. He looked down upon her and thought it would be a walk in the park. The mistress surprised him and she threw him down and choked him. She inserted her toes in his mouth and almost tore his mouth. She also stepped on his neck and almost choked him completely. When she was done with him, he could not even look her in the eye.

Madame Marissa had humiliated and tortured this slave in many ways. She sat down and thought of a fresh approach and she settled on biting his fingers. She inserted his fingers in her mouth and bit them hard. The guy cried out in pain but she pretended not to hear. She bit him some more and he screamed. She was having fun hearing his screams so she bit him again.

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