Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Mistress Candice did not wash her panties when she removed them. She was ovulating and her panties were full of her vaginal discharge. She looked at her panties and they looked horrible. But she took them and added spit to the mixture and she forced this loser to eat it and smell it and lick it. She pressed hard against his mouth when he hesitated and forced him to lick and chew it.

Princess Kitty uses her basement as her torture chambers. She loves to take losers there and giving them a beating. Some of them deserve it and some do not. Those who do not deserve the beating are usually those who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time when she feels like humiliating and torturing someone. This loser was one of them and she crushed his fingers and tortured him for fun.

This mistress is a quiet one and that means sometimes people assume that she is weak and that she cannot stand up for herself. This guy tried to bully her so that she could take advantage of that and have her way with her. She played victim and pretended to be scared, which is what he wanted. But she turned on him and humiliated him. She caught him by surprise and she trampled him and facesat on him and made him inhale her farts.

These mistresses love nothing like they love their money. You can mess with anything that belongs to them but not their money. This guy did not know that and he tried to mess with their money. He only had himself to blame when they went after him. The mistresses trampled him and crushed his head and told him they wanted his brain to get out of his mouth. It was so painful that he agreed to give them back their money plus interest.

Miss Cherry could not believe that her slave had not finished the tasks she had given him. She was pissed and had to make sure he obeyed her next time and did everything she asked exactly the way she told him to. So she used her sweaty feet to humiliate him. She also tied a leas to his neck and she pulled it tightly to hurt him and teach him a lesson.

Madame Marissa is a cruel mistress. She likes to inflict pain on losers and sometimes she does it even without them having done anything. For her, if she feels like doing it, that in itself is reason enough. Today she took a cigarette and smoked it. While she smoked it, she asked herself how it would feel to use her slave as her human ashtray. She went to him and she used him as a human ashtray.

Goddess Ice Era came home and found that her slave had not prepared the food she had told him to. She was hungry and wanted to eat but he had not prepared anything. She punished him by tying him up and using her high heels to trample him and crush him. She even kicked him hard in the balls and crushed his face leaving him in a lot of pain.

This hot mistress knows how to have fun. She likes using her hot body and naughty behaviors to have fun at the expense of the person she intends to humiliate. Today it was this guy who thought he would be able to fuck her. But she had other ideas and she facesat on him and made him lick and smell her ass. When she was done with him, she sent him away.

This mistress discovered her slave was telling her neighbors about her and she was angry. She is a private person and does not like her life being shared with others. She had to teach her slave a lesson and she did it humiliatingly. She made him kneel before her and open his mouth. She spat into his mouth and forced him to swallow it. She promised to punish him worse than that if he did it again.

This girl was after mistress Gaia and her friend's husbands. This girl knew they were married but did not mind going after them. These mistresses could not sit back and watch their marriages being wrecked. They sought the girl and taught him a lesson. They tied him down and slapped him hard. They also kicked him and pinched and squeezed his nipples as hard as they could before they let her go with a warning.

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