Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

In this hard face trampling clip, the slave made the mistake of thinking that just because the evil and sexy Sado Sisters weren't wearing their boots then it wouldn't be that bad - boy was he wrong! Instead of boots they trample on his face in their stinky sweaty white socks and then in their bare feet and even though he cries out for pain they show absolutely no sign of stopping.

In this funny and bizarre clip poor old Walter is trapped beneath two kissing lesbian lovers - Courtney and Murderotica. One is fully dressed in jeans and a green top, while the other wears nothing more than a vest and a pretty red thong as they cuckold Walter beneath him, turning themselves on by flicking their hungry tongues together and running their hands up and down one another's sexy young bodies.

This bratty brunette walks home in her white high heels, devising a new punishment for her obedient slave who is trapped in her house. She sits on her favorite stool and orders him to lick the soles of her dirty white heels, his eager tongue brushing against the dirty leather again and again until there isn't a scrap of filth left and his tongue is aching from the hard foot worship.

In this hot new clip we learn just how smelly a French girl's beautiful feet can be. Blondie has been out and about all day walking around in the hot sun in her high heels and stockings and when she arrives home she decides to punish her slave by forcing him onto his back and lowering her stockinged feed directly onto his mouth and nose so he can taste and sniff just how dirty her feet are.

In this hard scene the cruel Lady Pam has ordered her lazy slave to clean up every scrap of mess in her kitchen. But of course he hasn't done as he was told and to punish him she humiliates and whips him, striking her hand and whip against his naked body until he cries out in agony. After he cleans the kitchen she slaps him VERY HARD and then leaves him alone.

Here the sexy Mistress Katja has decided she needs to do some new kinds of exercises and has developed her very own: performing brutal buttdrops onto her willing victim. She launches herself into the air, landing with her full weight directly onto her slave's face, her hot ass smothering his mouth and nose. She is causing him such pain that he protests but this does nothing to stop her vicious exercise.

Janine has a new couch for her lounge and decides that it is a good time to test it out on her slave, after she verbally abuses and humiliates him she commands him to lay down on the floor with the couch on his chest, she commands him to balance the couch by holding it with his arms, once he has it balanced she gets on to it and take a nap while he is crushed under it.

This sexy Blonde Dominatrix loves to sit on her slaves face smothering him with her perfect ass, she loves to have him smell her woman scent as she lowers her thong covered ass onto his face while she is wearing a very sexy leather corset and over-knees high heeled boots, watch how she humiliates her slave and who knows... she may give him the chance to lick her ass and pussy later on.

Nadia and her friend are having some fun when Nadia decides to dominate her friend but smothering her with her ass until she almost passes out, Nadia turns and laughs at her friend as she recovers and proceeds to remove her pants and smother her further with her bare ass, watch this clip of savage Femdom and see how far Nadia will go in her quest to dominate and humiliate her friend

Two very sexy Czech girls Melissa and Dara take out their frustration on a slave by taking turns to hold his arms behind him while the other lets rip and slaps him though the face time and time again until he submits to their domination, watch this fantastic spanking clip as this loser gets the shit beaten out of him by these two sexy ladies. maybe they will allow him to join them in their fun later.

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