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This guy touched Megan's butt and she was pissed. She pretended to like it and lured the guy to her place. She then beat him up. She kicked him in the nuts and trampled them with her heels

Sexy Mistress Svenja is a sexy blonde mistress wearing black fishnet stockings with a pink and black bra and panties as she has some fun with her loser slave. She is wearing a pair of black high heels as she gets on top of her slave and tramples him with her sharp heels and crushes him with her full weight. She walks up and down his entire body and leaves red marks all over his body.

This sexy babe in a yellow bra decides that she is going to punish you today with her big black boots. These black boots have some big heels on them and they are very sharp heels. She would make you her boot slave. You would be forced to lick her black boots until they are clean. Your tongue would be covered with their dirt from her sexy boots and you would love it.

This hot mistress decides to take her slave on a walk outdoors, but she gets her brown high heeled boots awfully dirty from being outside, luckily she has her foot slave with her. She has him get down on his knees while he licks all over her boots, getting her dirty boots really clean. Next, she steps on his hands with her sharp heels, punishing him with her sexy boots.

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