Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Madame Marissa had a super intensive work out. She was stressed and when she is, she likes to take it out by working out. This particular one was super intensive. By the time she was done, she was very tired and very sweaty. She even had a bad sweaty stench coming from her armpits and her feet. But she was not worried. She used it to humiliate her slave by making him lick her.

Helena is a hot Latina mistress. She knows she is hot and she likes to use that in humiliating guys. It usually turns her on because she feels powerful when she makes guys do things for her. This time round, she wanted to try something different. She stepped on dirt with her bare feet and she wanted a guy to lick her dirty feet clean and she got one who did.

Miss Jessy had seen other mistresses use their sexuality to get people to do whatever they wanted. She wanted to try it as well. She wore sexily and one guy noticed and tried to seduce her. Then she took him to her house where she undressed and remained with her lingerie. The guy was horny and she made him lie down and she trampled his cock and his chest and face with her high heels.

Lady Sue had never humiliated or tortured a guy at her gym before. She was dying to try it so she called a loser she had seen over and made him place his hands on her treadmill. She then ran on top of his hands and he made him feel excruciating pain. She was not concerned about how he felt or with any of his pleas for mercy. She wanted to accomplish her mission and she did.

Lady Missy did not like what this guy did to her friend. She ordered him to go where she was and she made him lick her friend's shoes as punishment. But she was not satisfied with it. She took advantage of his own admission of guilt to humiliate the slave and make him do what she wanted. She humiliated him and abused him in a way which was not commensurate with what he had done.

Miss Atrax and Lady Elisa are sadistic mistresses. If it is not extreme, then they will not even try it. They like to abuse and torture slaves cruelly and find fun in seeing others miserable and in pain. They tied this slave down and used high heels to trample him. They trampled his cock and his balls as well before pulling them with a string while he cried out in pain.

When this guy was stealing the mistress' stuff, he thought she would never notice. But she noticed everything and kept quiet. Then she confronted him about it one day and he was at a loss on what to say. She took advantage of it and humiliated and punished the slave for it. She abused him and made him regret ever stealing anything and he swore he would never do it again.

These mistresses found this guy cheating on their friend and they could not let it go. They dragged him to a suitable place nearby where they trampled him with all sorts of shoes from high heels to boots. They had him in pain and did not listen to his pleas for mercy. They made sure he regretted what he had done and that he told her himself so that they do not have to do it themselves.

Stacey likes to see her slave miserable. She came home from work and embarked on doing what she does best - humiliating her slave. She had him lie on the couch and she trampled his face with her ass. She was wearing jeans hot pants and she used them to trample and inflict pain on his face. He almost choked because she did not give him enough room to breathe properly.

This mistress found her boyfriend flirting with another girl. She pretended she had not seen it and when he came home, she asked him and he denied. She then told him what she saw and he started apologizing. She was furious and punished him for lying and for flirting with the girl. She spit on him to show her disgust and ordered him to lick and swallow all of that saliva.

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