Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Mistress Izzy was pissed at her slave but she did not feel like punishing him painfully. She understood why he had done it but to make sure he would avoid doing it in future, she made him lick her feet. He licked her shoes as well and sniffed them before she let him go. She had however tied him up so as to avoid any resistance to what she was doing to him.

This mistress did not like how this guy spanked her. She was so pissed off but she pretended that she was not. She even lured the guy to her house and since she was hot, he followed her to her house. When they reached her place, she turned on him and she crushed his fingers for spanking her. She wanted to make sure he would never spank anyone ever again without her permission.

These mistresses are savages. They have a passion for slave humiliation and they do not rest till they have humiliated a slave the way they wanted and till they feel satisfied. Today they did not want much. They just wanted to trample a loser and do so with their bare feet. So they hired one and they had fun doing it in turns and trying new ways like squatting on the slave's face.

Madame Marissa had not punished her slave for some time now. She had to make sure he did not take her for granted so she punished him just to remind him that she was still the same mistress who did not tolerate nonsense. She crushed him with her boots and stomped him painfully. He cried and begged for mercy but she did not listen to anything he said till she was done.

Mistress Gaia is not your average mistress. She loves being savage and enjoys seeing slaves and losers in pain. This guy pissed her and he lived to regret it. She tied him up and she kicked him for fun. She forced him to lick and suck her feet as he knelt and was tied and she slapped him and even choked him for fun. It was brutal and she had fun as the slave was terrified.

Lady Deluxe felt like she was losing control with her slave so she took her to the stable and she punished him there. She made him lie down naked except with his boxers on. She then used her high heels to crush him and torture him. She crushed and trampled his fingers among other parts of his body and told him never to piss her if he wanted to have peace and avoid pain.

Madame Marissa was surprised when her slave showed her disrespect. She did not want to assume it and decided to nip it in the bud. She called her friend madame Madison and the two mistresses used their boots to trample and stomp on the slave from the slave down. The slave was testing waters and now he did not have a reason to disrespect his mistress since he knew he would be punished for it.

Miss Lou did not like it when she was fired from her job. She had not done anything wrong and was merely being used as a scapegoat. She knew her boss' house so she went there and she punished him for what he had done to her. She trampled him and crushed him hard. She stomped on him and crushed his balls and his face as well as his neck and his ribs to make him feel what she felt when he fired her over nothing.

This mistress went for a drive with her slave but it was not to have fun. She wanted to punish him so they drove till she was satisfied they had come to a secluded area and they pulled over. She then made her slave lie on the backseat and she facesat on him. She nearly choked him as she sat on his nose and his mouth and he could not breathe properly.

Mistress Natalia wanted to prove to her slave that he was nothing but a loser. She went to the railway line nearby and she stepped on railroad oil. She then came back with it to the house and she made her slave lick her feet till they were clean. She even took photos of him doing it to keep reminding him if he ever forgot his place in her house.

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