Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Nicole likes it when her things are clean and orderly. When this guy messed up her room, she punished him by making him lick her dirty soles and trampled him with her shoes

Megan calls her slave into the living room. She has a friend over and she is happy to show her friend what she can do to her slave. When her slave comes into the room, he doesn't have any bottoms on. She is happy to make him lick and suck her toes. When she is ready to play, she starts to kick him in the cock and balls. She loves humiliating him.

When Mistress Hanna wants to play, she plays her way. She enjoys sitting on him. She strips down to her thong and calls him to the couch. She orders him down on his back. She climbs on top of him and sits her pussy in his face. She loves knowing that he is inhaling her scent. She is happy to smother him with her pussy and control his every breath.

Megan is not happy with her slave. She knows that he is misbehaving and she is happy to punish him. She calls him into the room and pulls his bottoms off. She is happy to put his cock on a stand and walking all over it. She knows he is hurting but that is his punishment for being a bad slave. She needs to know that he has learned his lesson.

When Lady Latoria decides to torture her slave, she knows just what to do. She enjoys stripping down and parading around in front of him naked. She knows that it makes him horny. She knows that he is a man that wants to cum. So when it's time to take it up a notch, she knows what to do. She is happy to rub his cock with her bare foot.

These girls know what they want to do and they do it together. They call a slave up and strip him of his pants and underwear. They pull him into an empty room and start to kick his balls. They are happy to use the point of their high heels to kick his balls and cock. They love watching him fall to his knees and beg for mercy. This is how they enjoy their day.

When Megan came in, she found her slave looking at porn. He knows that is a punishable offense. He knew what would happen but he wasn't expecting what Megan did. Megan put him in the punishment mask and told him that he will stand and take it. She starts to kick him in the balls. She is happy to watch him fall in pain. She knows that he is hurting. She is happy to continue to kicking until he learns that he can't lust for anyone but her.

When Lady Latoria decides to torture her slave, she doesn't care where he is. Now that her slave is at a conference, she is happy to sit in his hotel room. When he walks in and sees her, he is knows what he is supposed to do. He strips and puts on his mask. Lady Latoria teases her slave with her tits. She is happy to kick at his dick and massage his cock with her foot. He knows that he can't cum and that's the torture for him.

Luciana wanted to establish her dominance. So she took out a cigarette and lit it then used a pipe attached to the slave's mouth and blew smoke into it without any care in the world

Mistress Hanna is hot. No doubt about that. But she also has weird interests like facesitting on her partners. That is what turns her on and before having sex, she likes her ass and pussy to be smelled

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