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Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

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Kacie is a petite girl who is shown no mercy by dominating mistresses Candy and Aurora. Kacie lies there on a cushion and the two cruel girls take turns crushing Kacie with their butts. They stand up and come crashing down on her body with their butts. They even join arms and jump up and down on her at the same time completely crushing her tiny body with their full weight.

Candy and Aurora enjoy being glamazons. They enjoy looking good. To make their lives easier they took Kacie in as their slave. They know she doesn't like it but they found a way to keep her under control. When she gets a little too mouthy, they sit their round asses on her face. They enjoy smothering her tiny face with their perfectly round asses. They don't care about smothering her, only about keeping her in line.

This hot brunette Vampire chick was out of town looking for something to eat when she finds a hot girl who wants to have some fun and please her new vampire. She lays down on her bed and the hot vampire chick gets on top of her and she moves her panties to the side and lets her new friend lick her pussy. This hot vampire chick gets a really hot pussy licking.

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