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All articles tagged with "Full Weight Facesitting"

She's sexy in her peasant blouse and simple skirt. He's helpless as she flashes her sexy white panties. A moment later, she is grabbing his head and mashing his face into her crotch, riding it in her panties, then taking them off and ripping a whole in her white fishnet tights so he can lick her cunt an smother in her fragrant juices. Finally, she finishes by squatting on his face in a full on facesitting!

Mina is happy with her new slave. She doesn't want to hurt him, only play kinky games with him. Before her beach date, she calls her slave to her bed. She has a new bikini on and sits on her slave's face. She loves making her slave smell her ass and pussy. She loves the way he has to breathe hard in order to survive the episode. When she is finished, she is ready for her date and her slave can recover.

Candy and Aurora enjoy being glamazons. They enjoy looking good. To make their lives easier they took Kacie in as their slave. They know she doesn't like it but they found a way to keep her under control. When she gets a little too mouthy, they sit their round asses on her face. They enjoy smothering her tiny face with their perfectly round asses. They don't care about smothering her, only about keeping her in line.

When Lady Morgana goes out to the woods, she is looking for some peace and quiet. She loves to take off her clothes and relax among nature. When her slave comes to tell on another for a minor infraction, she is royally pissed off. She strips her slave down to his underwear and shoes. She sits her naked ass on his face and makes him breathe the smell of her dirty ass into his lungs.

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