Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Mistress Erika needed her project finished quickly but her contractor did not do things as fast as she wanted them done. She was getting worked up about it and had to do something about it. When she had had enough, she called him to where she was lying on the sofa and she ordered him to lick the soles of her shoes. She forced him to lick them clean and told him that if he did not work faster, that would be what he would do at the top of every hour.

Mistress Gaia loves had not punished her slave in a long time and he assumed she was done punishing him. So he took advantage of it and even ignored the instructions she gave because he got away with it. But today she was determined to right some wrongs so she crushed his face with her ass. She made him smell and lick her sweaty ass before giving him a last warning.

Princess Betty and her friend Bertie caught this guy assaulting his wife. They had to do something about it so they just entered his house and dragged him to the bedroom without caring what his wife would say. They trampled him and humiliated him. They spat on him to show how disgusted they were with him. They told him to apologize to his wife and make amends or else they would go back and punish him in a worse manner.

Mistress Celine is a popular girl in school and many girls want to be friends with her. Many of them want to be in her circle and she only allows very few to be. This girl looked promising so she decided to test her further. She called her to where she was studying and made her lick the soles of her shoes and to her surprise, she did it without asking questions. She took her in.

This mistress caught her boyfriend checking out other girl and she was pissed. She got jealous and decided to punish him. She humiliated him and made him lick her spit. She forced him to lick the spit on her shoes as well as lick the one that was on his face. She told him if she ever found him checking out girls again, he would only have himself to blame for what would happen.

Miss Asera discovered that her slave had gotten used to her punishment and she wanted to give her another one. She did not want him to ignore what she told him just because he did not fear her punishment. So she decided to try something she had never tried before. She used her boots to crush his balls and his cock. She also rushed his head and his stomach as well.

Lady Kara had a crazy day at work and when she reached home, she just wanted to relax and unwind. She knew her slave was a blabbermouth and she had no time for his stories that day. So she instructed him to lie on his bed and she sat on his balls and she put her foot in his mouth. She leaned back against his legs and smoked as she relaxed.

Madame Marissa does not know the meaning of the word forgive. When a slave messes up, it does not matter how long she waits or how long it takes. She will punish him for it. This slave had messed up like 2 months ago but she did not let it slide. She humiliated him by kicking him brutally while wearing her boots. She even crushed his neck and squeezed it tightly with her foot.

Mistresses Meg and Teodora woke up and found that their expensive car was hit from behind. They reviewed CCTV footage and found out it was this guy. They looked for him and when they found him, they humiliated him and made him pay for what he had done plus extra for them having to look for him. They made him lick their smelly and sweaty feet which they had made sure were smelly and sweaty just so he could lick them.

Mistress Venus Vendetta wanted some information from this guy but it was not forthcoming. At first he told her he did not have it. Then he asked her to pay him for it. She did not have money to waste so she humiliated him instead using her foot fetish. She made him lick and smell her feet and suck her toes. She told him to thank his lucky stars he even touched her feet. Then she made him give it to her or she would do worse to him.

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