Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Crawl around on the ground you worthless slave. That is all you are good for. I brought you outdoors so you can be humiliated for everyone to see. You crawl around like a dog and watch me crush your food into the ground. I order you to eat the pieces that have been crushed into the ground. Now I crush an apple under my boots for you. Now eat it all off the ground.

Amyleen Moore is a hot blonde foot fetish queen who is very sadistic when it comes to torturing her slaves. She wants them to be humiliated. She makes this slave lick all the dirt off the soles of her high heels. They have to be completely polished by his tongue. Now he must lick all the sweat off her bare feet and sniff them until Amyleen's foot fetish is satisfied.

When you joke with Mysteria, you will never see it coming. She will wait for opportune moment and then unleash terror on you. That is what she did to this loser by trampling him with her high heels

Mysteria loves to facesit on slaves. It makes them find it hard to breathe and she can also fart on them and make them inhale her farts

Mysteria wanted to find out how much weight she had gained. She used her slave as a scale. She trampled him with her full weight and from his cries of pain, she knew how much weight she had gained

Mysteria is the queen of femdom. She lives for her torture sessions. She took this slave and trampled him brutally with her high heels

Lady Vampira was teaching her friends how to torture a slave. She showed them how to facesat on him, drown him in the tab and trample him

Mysteria wanted to punish her slave for not observing hygiene. She made him strip naked and enjoyed whipping him and spanking him till his skin was red

Anna loves the sight of a man in pain. Add tears and she's the happiest woman on earth, especially if she was the one that caused the tears. She humiliated and tortured this loser and watched him cry and beg for forgiveness

Lady Vampira is a sadist. It was one of those times she felt like torturing a slave and she got a suitable one. She trampled him before ballbusting him and doing all manner of things to him without caring how he felt

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