Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

There is nothing that makes a Mistress madder than when her slave misbehaves. She is then forced to punish him by making him kiss the dirty soles of her feet. She has been out all day in her sexy high heels and comes home to find that he hasn't done what she said. She sits on his knees and stomach, pressing her feet into his lips. He has to be punished so he can learn.

Mistress Alice is a woman that knows she is the one running the show. Alice knows that her slave needs to be punished and she takes pleasure in punishing him. She dresses in her tightest tights and presses the full weight of her ass into his face. She humiliates him by changing different positions and pressing into his face. She loves facesitting and punishing him. He seems to like it too because he keeps acting up.

This brunette woman knows what to do with her foot slave. After a long day of shopping, she needs to relax and find relief. She calls her slave into the room and puts her dirty feet in his face. She forces him to sniff the odors of her feet. She loves the way he inhales her scent. This is a mistress that knows how to find relief after wearing high heels all day.

Krystal is a mistress that knows how to work her slave. She knows that a hard day of shopping and working has made her sweaty and and hot. She puts her ass down on his face, pressing hard. She humiliates him by farting in his face and making him sniff and smell her sweaty ass. She takes her pants off and gives him a stronger odor to endure. It's his punishment.

Lady Elaisa pees in a funnel and makes her slave drink it. He got pounded in the ass with a strap on. He gets his ass spanked and kicked until it is red and raw. He is attached to a trestle and cannot move while he is getting abused. He must taste the dirty dildo, getting a taste of his own shit and ass juices. The mistress laughs at all of the messed up things he must do.

The beautiful Emily tramples her slave under her feet. She loves the feel of him under her socks. She takes them off and smothers him with them and makes him smell the wet and dirt. She then tramples him with her bare feet and stands on his face will her full weight. This powerful girl loves to feel the power of having a man under her feet that is unable to move.

Two hot babes, one blonde and one latina, love to be bitches towards guys. They walk around barefoot at the park and laugh at their slave as he licks their dirty feet clean. He sucks on their nasty toes until they are clean. The girls find it hilarious at how pathetic males are. They will do anything just to touch an inch of their beautiful bodies, even their feet!

Mistress Lydie takes her new slave outside and trains him to be a good slave. She makes him lick her new flats that have been dirtied from the outdoors. He must lick the soles over and over. But she still isn't happy. She chokes him with her shoes and rubs them all over his face. She then crushes his balls to punish him for not getting her shoes clean enough.

Sexy redhead Carol Ann has entered the sweaty feet challenge almot guaranteed to win the five hundred dollar prize. Her challenge was to wear the same stinky socks for three weeks straight just so she can shove them in her slaves face to see if he survive 3o minutes of torture. Carol Ann took her boots off and shoved her vomit inducing smelly socks right in his nose for 30 minutes

Gorgeous big titted Brazilian Jessica totally humiliates her two female slaves as she smacks their faces on the bed and then rides them with her nice pussy lips. Jessica rubs her nice juicy Brazilian ass into the faces of the two sexy female slaves as they lie on the bed under the full weight of this Brazilian goddess. This stunning brunette with her huge melons face sits on top of the slaves

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