Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Miss Atrax has Miss Medina come over and visit and while they are visiting they notice out the window there is a peeping tom looking in at them. They decide that they need to teach him a lesson so they grab him and bring him inside and they tie him up as they have some fun and torture him. They grab on to his cock and they torture his cock and balls while humiliating him for being such a loser.

Mistress BlackDiamoond is a sexy brunette mistress wearing a sexy latex suit and she is having some fun domination and controlling her loser slave. She has him strapped down in his new slave chair so he can not move at all. She has him covered in latex and uses a latex mask to control his breathing. She covers his nose and his mouth with her tight latex and watches as he struggles to breathe and has to beg her to let him have some air!

Miss Atrax is a sexy blonde mistress wearing a business suit with a skirt and black stockings with black high heels and she has her loser slave in bondage so he unable to move. She makes fun of him for having such a tiny dick and it is so small that you can not even see it! She decides to give him a punishment for having such a tiny dick and gives him a brutal whipping session leaving him in intense pain.

Mistress Jenny is a sexy dancer and she dances all night long wearing high heels so she knows how to move wearing her heels. She has no problem getting on top of her loser slave and walking up and down his entire body with her sharp heels and she does so with grace and skill. After she gets done trampling him completely she takes off her heels and tramples him all over again with her bare feet until he begs for her mercy.

Princess Nikki is a sexy mistress who caught her loser slave doing something that he was not supposed to be doing so she had no choice other than to punish him for being such a complete and total loser. She decided to make him lay on the ground and she has him open his mouth and stands above him and pisses right into his mouth and then uses his shirt to clean her pussy with.

BigmommaKat is a sexy BBW mistress wearing a blue bra and panties set as she gets ready to smother her loser slave on the couch. She weighs close to 600 pounds and she is ready to take all the massive weight and use it to crush her loser slave who is on the couch. She sits on top of him with her full weight pressing down on him as she completely crushes him with her massive ass.

Saskia is a mistress that tends to be a real bitch. She is going to be cruel to her friend. She will even get naked and sit on her friend's face with her dirty pussy. She is making sure her friend understands that dirty or not she is going to get smothered with her pussy and ass bare. Her friend is going to get smothered.

Jordan Star just happened to be in the neighborhood. She figured it was the ideal time to really have some fun with her slave. She also invited Lady Chantal for the fun too. The ladies brought their very best heels, because they are going to take turns walking on the slave torturing him with pain and humiliation. They think it's so funny to make him in pain.

Mistress Demonia is in a really bad mood. There is nothing on the television, therefore she must divert her attention to something else that will satisfy her mood. She is going to start choking her slave and making his face red from the choking. She is also going to smother him and spit right in his mouth. She loves to be so brutal to this loser.

Miss Atrax never leaves anything out when it comes to torturing a slave. She puts on her hottest leather outfit, because she is going to really let her loser slave get what he deserves. She is going to kick him in the balls, and she is going to put nipple clamps on him to remind him just who is boss when it comes to the person in charge.

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