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Mistress Narziss Labelle handcuffs her submissive slave to the stairs. She starts whipping his bare back with her cat-o-nine tails. The cruel brunette Mistress takes off his pants and makes him wear a black garter belt. She spanks his bare ass with her riding crop. His back and butt are both a nice red color but he endures the torture that she dishes out. I have to wonder what he did wrong to deserve such punishment.

These two stunning and dominating Asian mistresses in latex prepare to work together for the most intense domination over this masked loser slave. They shout verbal humiliation at him and slap him in the face before hanging him from the ceiling. As he hangs, they whip him hard and put him through pain. He must really like this abuse and these girls give him plenty, including painful cock abuse.

Dominating brunette Luciana has a passion for slapping slaves and inflicting punishment on them. She grabs this slave by the head and starts faceslapping him hard with both hands. She gets excited from his pain and humiliation so she makes him turn around and take a hard beating with her whip. She is not satisfied until her slave is red all over his body and in excruciating pain caused by her.

Miss Atrax is a sexy blonde mistress wearing a business suit with a skirt and black stockings with black high heels and she has her loser slave in bondage so he unable to move. She makes fun of him for having such a tiny dick and it is so small that you can not even see it! She decides to give him a punishment for having such a tiny dick and gives him a brutal whipping session leaving him in intense pain.

When Saphira is angry, she makes sure her slave knows it. She told her slave that he was to have her home spotless and her dry cleaning done. He wasn't finished by the time that she got home and she couldn't entertain like she planned to. When she saw this, she tied him down to the punishment table, slapping him and telling him how worthless he is. When she had him tied down, she got her flogger and went to work on him.

Miss Atrax loves to get brutal with her whips. She has her friend Lady Chantal come over and they proceed to whip a slave super hard. The slave gets whipped so hard, they are leaving marks on his body, but that doesn't matter to the lovely ladies. They are enjoying all of the torture they are inflicting to the slave and his naked body tied up.

Lady Elaisa pees in a funnel and makes her slave drink it. He got pounded in the ass with a strap on. He gets his ass spanked and kicked until it is red and raw. He is attached to a trestle and cannot move while he is getting abused. He must taste the dirty dildo, getting a taste of his own shit and ass juices. The mistress laughs at all of the messed up things he must do.

Miss Lana and Lady Pam are feeling cruel today, they make their slave strip down to nothing and get on his knees. They each take turns brutally whipping their slave humiliating him with each blow to his body. These two brutal mistresses cane him and whip him causing as much pain as they possibly can. These dark mistresses are skilled in hurting people, obey and you just might make it through a session.

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