Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

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In this hard scene the cruel Lady Pam has ordered her lazy slave to clean up every scrap of mess in her kitchen. But of course he hasn't done as he was told and to punish him she humiliates and whips him, striking her hand and whip against his naked body until he cries out in agony. After he cleans the kitchen she slaps him VERY HARD and then leaves him alone.

Miss Lana and Lady Pam are feeling cruel today, they make their slave strip down to nothing and get on his knees. They each take turns brutally whipping their slave humiliating him with each blow to his body. These two brutal mistresses cane him and whip him causing as much pain as they possibly can. These dark mistresses are skilled in hurting people, obey and you just might make it through a session.

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