Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Welcome to Mistress BlackDiamond's torture room. This is her casual day of torturing slaves so she's in her jeans. She makes her masked slave kneel in the floor and she wraps him tight in plastic. She humiliates him by making him bend over with his asshole in the air and starts rubbing a plant all over his asshole. This is just the beginning of the torture for this slave.

Gorgeous and sexy brunette Mistress BlackDiamond is always finding new ways to torture and dominate her slaves. She makes this masked slave get completely nude. She suspends his hands up in the air so he can't fight or defend himself. She starts faceslapping him and kicking him hard in the balls then grabs them and starts dominating him with verbal humiliation. She abuses him until she is finished and just leaves him hanging there.

These two very tall and very cute girls are together again after being apart for a while. Candy and Aurora make up for their time apart by really dominating a big fat loser. They take one look at his fat body and see that he is ripe for abuse. They trample him all over his body and dig their boots and high heels into his flesh and he responds by licking them.

Stellina spits all over this guy's chest and covers him with her saliva. She wants to see him completely soaked with her spit so she takes the soles of her shoes and smears it all over his body. She uses her shoes to smear it over every inch of his body. Then he has to lick all the dirt off her shoe and polish it spotless with his tongue.

Chanel is such a hot mistress that her slave will do anything to be near her. She takes advantage and humiliates him every chance she gets. That's what he gets for being such a loser. She takes him out to a park and makes him get on all fours. She rides him around like he was a human pony and just laughs at his humiliation. What a loser, but at least he gets what he wants.

These two stunning and dominating Asian mistresses in latex prepare to work together for the most intense domination over this masked loser slave. They shout verbal humiliation at him and slap him in the face before hanging him from the ceiling. As he hangs, they whip him hard and put him through pain. He must really like this abuse and these girls give him plenty, including painful cock abuse.

This nude masked slave cannot handle all the verbal humiliation from hot and dominating brunette Mistress BlackDiamond. She strips him nude and ties him to a large X. She puts a mask on him taunting him and teasing him. She loves to humiliate him until he almost has a breakdown. She makes him feel like a weak and pathetic loser because that is what he is to this cruel mistress.

Imagine you're under a glass coffee table, looking up at a sexy, bratty blonde teenager. She knows you are down there and she wants you to know that she thinks your a worthless piece of shit. She smokes for a while, occasionally spitting on the glass above your face. It's a POV clip, though, so you can imagine that there is no glass, that you can feel her ash falling onto your naked skin and you can feel every drop of her spit hit your face!

Miss Taylor knows just what you need. You need to be teased. You need to be mocked. You need a brat to tell you what a loser you are. And you need to be told by a super-sexy little vixen like her. She gives you what you need, wearing slutty clothes and teasing you to the very edge, controlling you with her words, and mocking you while she counts down to your pathetic climax. Just what you need!

Madame Marissa tries to keep her Femdom interesting. First, she simply walks on her slaves hands, crushing them underfoot. Then, she gets a running start and stomps on his hands, mashing them with her full weight. Then she gets a step-stool and ruins his hands by jumping on them from the top step. This punishing jump is viewed in reverse angle, too, so you can enjoy the thought of this goddess ruining your hands! Say thank you to your Madame!

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