Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

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Gorgeous and sexy brunette Mistress BlackDiamond is always finding new ways to torture and dominate her slaves. She makes this masked slave get completely nude. She suspends his hands up in the air so he can't fight or defend himself. She starts faceslapping him and kicking him hard in the balls then grabs them and starts dominating him with verbal humiliation. She abuses him until she is finished and just leaves him hanging there.

This nude masked slave cannot handle all the verbal humiliation from hot and dominating brunette Mistress BlackDiamond. She strips him nude and ties him to a large X. She puts a mask on him taunting him and teasing him. She loves to humiliate him until he almost has a breakdown. She makes him feel like a weak and pathetic loser because that is what he is to this cruel mistress.

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