Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Miss Lou did not like it when she was fired from her job. She had not done anything wrong and was merely being used as a scapegoat. She knew her boss' house so she went there and she punished him for what he had done to her. She trampled him and crushed him hard. She stomped on him and crushed his balls and his face as well as his neck and his ribs to make him feel what she felt when he fired her over nothing.

This mistress went for a drive with her slave but it was not to have fun. She wanted to punish him so they drove till she was satisfied they had come to a secluded area and they pulled over. She then made her slave lie on the backseat and she facesat on him. She nearly choked him as she sat on his nose and his mouth and he could not breathe properly.

Mistress Natalia wanted to prove to her slave that he was nothing but a loser. She went to the railway line nearby and she stepped on railroad oil. She then came back with it to the house and she made her slave lick her feet till they were clean. She even took photos of him doing it to keep reminding him if he ever forgot his place in her house.

Madame Marissa is a cruel mistress. She wanted to humiliate her slave for his misdeeds and she did it cruelly. She took him for a trip and once they were in a secluded area, she stopped the car and yanked him out. She made him lick her dirty boots and especially the soles after she had stepped on dirt. She threatened to crush him with the boots if he did not lick them.

Goddess Ice Era is a quiet mistress. Whenever she has a problem with anyone, she usually humiliates or punishes them proportionate to what they did. For this loser, she spat on his hands and he had to smear it all over his face. She also had him lick her feet as well as her high heels. She cruelly punished him because he had stolen from her and she had to ensure he never stole from anyone ever again.

Mistress Ranoie and miss Ludope were interviewing slaves and shortlisted a few. They could not decide between two slaves so they decided to rule one of them out after humiliating and torturing them. They wanted the one who would endure the pain. They kicked this fat one in the nuts and crushed him and stomped on his body but he held on and endured all they threw at him. They chose him.

This mistress loves to humiliate because she was humiliated a while back. She is a vindictive mistress and she likes to humiliate others as well. If you mess with her, she makes sure she does the same twice as hard. But today she humiliated this guy and yet he had not done anything to warrant that kind of treatment. She tortured him by making him lick the soles of her shoes.

Mistress Candice did not wash her panties when she removed them. She was ovulating and her panties were full of her vaginal discharge. She looked at her panties and they looked horrible. But she took them and added spit to the mixture and she forced this loser to eat it and smell it and lick it. She pressed hard against his mouth when he hesitated and forced him to lick and chew it.

Princess Kitty uses her basement as her torture chambers. She loves to take losers there and giving them a beating. Some of them deserve it and some do not. Those who do not deserve the beating are usually those who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time when she feels like humiliating and torturing someone. This loser was one of them and she crushed his fingers and tortured him for fun.

This mistress is a quiet one and that means sometimes people assume that she is weak and that she cannot stand up for herself. This guy tried to bully her so that she could take advantage of that and have her way with her. She played victim and pretended to be scared, which is what he wanted. But she turned on him and humiliated him. She caught him by surprise and she trampled him and facesat on him and made him inhale her farts.

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