Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Lady Daliah lured this guy to her place from the club. When they reached home, she found out he had a small dick. She was horny but she did not want a small cock. So she punished him for wasting her time. She trampled him with her feet and tied a string to his neck. She made him rue having a small dick as she called him names while trampling him.

Alycia was relaxing at home when she remembered she has not seen her slave. She called him and before he came, she started to practice what she would do with him when he came. She planned to use her high heels to trample him. She wanted him to lick them as well as her stinky feet because she had been walking in the heat and her feet were all sweaty.

Miss Katarina came home to find her boyfriend sexting another woman. She was furious because she had gone out of her way to surprise him with an expensive gift. She took him to the garage and she beat him up. She trampled the guy and kicked him hard with her sneakers. She then stomped on him and crushed his nuts. She did not spare his face and his neck either.

Lady Daliah is a sexy mistress and she knows it. She likes older men because they are better in bed. But before she can have fun with one of them, she likes to test him whether he is a real man. She likes to humiliate and torture him first to find out. She likes to trample him to see if he will take all the pain like a real man.

Lady Vampira was in a celebratory mood. She called her slave and decided to humiliate him in a different way. She made him lie down and she came to him without her underwear. She made him lick her pussy and while he was enjoying it, she made him open his mouth and she spit on him. She humiliated him while she was drinking wine. She then fart on him and made him smell it.

Candy and Aurora are two tall friends who haven't seen each other in a while. To celebrate, they work on torturing and humiliating a slave together. He's a big fat slave so they make him lie down so they can trample his entire fat body. Their tiny feet disappear into his massive frame. Aurora tramples his body in boots while Candy tramples him with shoes and they are both deadly.

Smoldering hot mistress Madame Marissa ties up her slave and she will not tell him what the torture for the day is. She waits until he is completely secure and cannot escape before she starts biting and scratching him. He screams from the pain and she just keeps dominating him with more bites until his body is covered with nasty bite marks. This is only the start of her cruelty.

The only thing that this cute young girl like more than smoking is spitting. She mixes them both in this hot clip. She lures you in because she looks so sexy smoking. When you are mesmerized by her beauty, she spits right in your face. This is the type of humiliation you should expect from this hot little tease because she gets off on making men want her then spitting on them.

Laura is a cute mistress but she is deadly. She dominates a slave by trampling his head with her big chunky shoes. The slave's head is crushed under the full weight of her shoes. She liked the feeling of trampling head with these shoes so much that she stands on him in every different position to crush his head the most. It gives her a rush to feel this domination.

This seductive and dominating mistress Madame Marissa likes to multi-task. She likes to get some dishes done while she is torturing her slave. She makes her loser slave lie in the floor under the sink and she stands on him trampling him while she's doing dishes. She stops between dishes to trample him and torture him with facestanding. She stands on him with her full weight until the dishes are done.

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