Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Madame Marissa wants to have some fun and break in her new slave. She just got some cake from her favorite bakery but she's not hungry. She spits on it and throws it on the ground and steps all over it. Smooshing it under her boots. Then she makes her loser slave lick it all up. She makes sure it's all gone. Then she makes him lick her boots clean.

Lady Eva has to go to bathroom really badly but she doesn't want to waste any of it. Her slave has been a bad boy lately so she has a plan. She pees all of her delicious nectar into a cup. she gives it to her slave and makes sure he drinks every drop of her golden juice. he drinks every drop gladly and can't wait for more of it.

Lady Spooky wants to make sure her slave loves her feet. They're her favorite method of torture. She puts her pathetic slave under her bed so he can't move. Then she rubs her dirty sweaty feet all over his face. He can squirm all he wants but that won't stop her from forcing him to love her feet. The fun won't stop until after he's sucked all of her feet clean.

Ariana and Aurora wanted to see the stuff this guy was made of. They had always thought he was a sissy even though he bragged of having balls of steel. They called him to their house and when he came, the script did not go as he planned. They trampled him, almost choked him, tortured, abused and humiliated him. When they were done, they had confirmed he was a sissy.

This mistress has a thing for men who are strong and can withstand pain. Before she can sleep with any of them, she likes to subject them to a little torture and whoever endures it gets the fuck of his life. That is because such a man turns her on and drives her wild. She tied this guy up and tortured him and he took it like a man before she fucked his brains out.

This mistress wanted to hire a new slave. She had an attractive package and wanted to offer it to the best slave. But before she could settle on one, she had to humiliate them practically. She did this to all slaves where she would trample them with her high heels while smoking and then have them lick her feet and her high heels. She eventually found the one she wanted.

This guy tried to say something negative about Ariana and Aurora so they could feel insecure and fall in his trap. But they were brighter than that and he fell for theirs. They pretended to fall in his trap and took him to their house where they tortured him by trampling him and sticking their toes in his mouth and having him suck them and lick them the way they wanted.

Fiona loves her feet. She likes to pamper them in any way she can. Today she wanted to treat them specially and she discovered that she was supposed to punish her slave for what she had done. She was wearing her expensive shoes also meant to pamper her feet. She called her slave and wanted him to lick her shoes and then get started on her feet till she told him to stop.

Mistress Maeva likes to make a statement. She had seen other mistresses bragging that they were better at humiliating and torturing slaves. She did not sat a word. She let her actions do the talking. She took a video of how she abused her slave and posted it to their group. She stuck her foot with and without a shoe in his mouth and shoved it down. She had him tied for little resistance.

Miss Laurine loves good food. Her slave made her bad food which gave her food poisoning and she was mad at him. She made him lie down in the kitchen floor and jumped up and down his stomach and his chest. She did not spare his face either and left him in a lot of pain. He tried to ask for forgiveness but the mistress could hear none of it.

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