Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Nicole took this slave to her bedroom and shoved him under the chair where he could not have room to resist. Then she trampled him with her bare feet and dominated him

Alexis is hot and loves flirting. She did it to this guy and confused him with her dominating gestures at the same time. She used him as her footboy to indulge in her foot fetish while he hoped for more

This girl does not like to play around. She's great at karate and often uses it to punish bullies. She likes to show them that they are nothing

Julie had graduated from punishing male slaves to female ones. She climbed this slave like a pony and enjoyed doing all sorts of things on her

Wrestling is what this mistress is good at. And when this guy thought she would be a walkover, she beat him up and punished him with a headlock and sleeperhold till he surrendered

Pink did not like this guy's big mouth. She wanted to teach him a lesson never to talk about her. She choked him and head locked him till he begged for mercy and promised never to do it

Ingrid is known as the queen of domination. She was paid to punish this slave and she did it in style. She flogged him then trampled him brutally and mercilessly

This mistress knew that this loser had a crush on her. And she exploited it. She used him to try the new foot and boot fetish she had seen online. She liked it and did it again and again

After her trip to the gym, this mistress was very sweaty, She reached home and found her slave had not run her bath. So she used him to clean her sweat. He had to lick it clean

Elaina and Janine were tired with trampling slaves. They decided to try choking them instead. They had fun feeling like they controlled the lives of their slaves by holding their mouth and noses

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