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Julie knows her slave Kacie hates to see her coming. When Julie sees Kacie coming, she gets ready to play. She orders her slave to lay down and takes off her clothes. When she is in her underwear, she happily bounces her ass up and down on Kacie's stomach. She knows that it hurts but she doesn't care. She only wants to have fun and bouncing on her slave is fun to her.

When her slave wouldn't stop begging for her ass, she gave it to him. She stripped him down to his underwear and put the loser mask on him. She ordered him to the floor and walked over to him in a black negligee. Instead of stripping and riding his dick, she sat on it. She heard his moans of pain and continued to bounce on his dick, never letting up. She doesn't like a begging slave and he has learned not to do it.

Sexy as hell Melissa is in her sexiest white nurse inspired lingerie. She aggressively binds her slave's wrists with rope behind his back before she starts her punishment. She stuffs her ass on his face for some trampling and then she stuffs her stinky stockings up in his nose. Her feet chokes his neck and his face turns red. She enjoys the fact that she can cause this much pain.

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