Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

This girl is cruel. She invited her crush to her place despite her boyfriend being around. She made her boyfriend lick her feet and her toilet while she made out with the crush

Mistress Lea's slave thought he could get out of an outdoor trampling because it was a rainy day, but Mistress Lea likes it even better. She loves to see his humiliation as he lies on the ground covered in mud from her sneakers. She gives him a brutal full body trampling and jumps up and down on him with her sneakers on and crushes his fat body with her full weight.

Miss Chloe Amour brought her hot girlfriend Miss Liv Aguilera to a ballbusting session to punish one slave. Both of them are gorgeous and spicy Latinas so they can kick really hard. They wreck his cock and balls with hard kicks while they have their shoes on. They take turns brutally ballbusting him until his nuts have to be ruptured inside of his sack. All these girls do is laugh.

Supple and voluptuous brunette Mistress Hanna uses her slave Joschi as a human seat cushion. His face is smothered with facesitting under her sweet ass and she pushes it down on him harder. It is painful as her crotch and ass smash down on him with her full weight, but he is happy that he gets to have her pussy in his face and his hands on her juicy tits because she is so hot.

Sweetbaby is attacked by some masked loser. She is overpowered at first, but Miss Jane helps her take the masked pervert down to the ground. Once he is down, they start brutally kicking and beating him. They torture him with facestanding and full body trampling in their shoes. They both stand on top of him with their full weight and start jumping up and down on the attacker to punish him.

Ballbusting brunette Mistress Lai looks sexy in her short jeans skirt, black stockings and boots. She is sexy but deadly because she has a masked slave waiting for her to take her abuse. She crushes his body several times with hard kicks from head to toe. She dishes out the brutal punishment like she was fighting him. She likes to find the most tender spot and kick it the hardest.

Cruel Mistress Natasha walked around in the mud with her high heel boots and got them full of mud. She walks in and her footboy is waiting on his knees to clean his mistress's boots with his tongue. He licks them all over and gets the nasty mud in his mouth, but he must continue until all of Mistress Natasha's high heel boots are shiny and completely free of mud.

Cute and dominating brunettes Miss Chloe Amour and Miss Liv Aguilera order a second slave to be punished by both of them because they like humiliating one at a time. They make him spread his legs so they can step down on his cock and balls and crush them. On top of the ballbusting, they make him worship their feet and even bend over for some hot ass smelling.

Brutal dominatrix Mistress Aileen Taylor looks sultry and sexy in her lingerie, black stockings and high heels as she dominates and humiliates her slave with hard facesitting in both positions. She spreads her legs until his nose is firmly between her pussy lips and sits down hard. She does some sexy reverse facesitting as her crotch covers his mouth and her ass cheeks clamp down his nose smothering him.

Dominating brunette Luciana has a passion for slapping slaves and inflicting punishment on them. She grabs this slave by the head and starts faceslapping him hard with both hands. She gets excited from his pain and humiliation so she makes him turn around and take a hard beating with her whip. She is not satisfied until her slave is red all over his body and in excruciating pain caused by her.

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