Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Voluptuous and horny Mistress Hanna uses her slave Joschi as a human seat cushion. She loves to humiliate her slave with facesitting and smother them with her big supple ass. She is in nothing but a bra and g-string so her bare ass is pushed down on the slave's face until they smother. Mistress Hanna loves the feeling of her slaves fighting for breath under her ass and inner thighs.

Goddess Jessica has to work at an office all day so she treats herself to a foot slave on her lunch break. She props her sexy legs in stockings up on her desk and the footboy starts licking the bottoms of her sweaty feet and toes. He licks her sweaty feet all over and puts her toes in his mouth. She just relaxes in her chair in foot fetish heaven.

This loser pervert followed this pretty brunette home thinking he would get some free ass, but all he got was his ass kicked. She slams him with some hard and fast kicks to the nuts. She dominates him with ballbusting several times until he falls to the floor and she gives him a brutal full body trampling with her sneakers on. She jumps up and down with her full weight on his stomach.

Mercedez loves to dance, but she is sick of the assholes that constantly hit on her so she wants to do a little hitting of her own, in their nuts. Her and Megan bring one home and tie his hands behind his back so they can kick and abuse him without him getting away. They take turns dominating him with painful ballbusting and completely crush his nuts with their high heels.

Goddess Eerika and Goddess Victoria are both equally dominating foot fetish queens and they decide to team on one slave. One of them tramples him and uses his body as a human doormat while the other shoves her feet in his mouth. While one girl is jumping and crushing his body with her full weight, the other is dominating and humiliating him with painful facestanding. This loser has his tongue out loving it.

Tempting and supple brunette Miss Raven and her boyfriend go to a Christmas Party. She decides to play with and tease one of the remaining party guests and humiliates him by making him her cuckold slave. She sits on the arm of the couch next to him and kicks off her boots and socks. Her long legs looks so tender and soft as she rubs her feet in his face.

Sexy foot fetish queen, Goddess Pio, relaxes and watches television while her footboy worships her feet with shoelicking. He washes the entire soles of her sneakers with his tongue and holds his mouth upen for more. She takes off her sneakers so she can humiliate him with sock smelling. He is forced to breathe in the aroma of her dirty and sweaty socks when she rubs them into his face.

Miss Atrax has her friend Lady Chantal over and they are both have fun with a gatecrasher that they have found. They take and give him a brutal cock and ball torture session that he will never forget! They show him no mercy as they kick, stomp, hit and burn his cock and balls. These two sexy babes completely humiliate their loser slave as they even rub poison ivy all over his cock and balls.

This hot brunette Vampire chick was out of town looking for something to eat when she finds a hot girl who wants to have some fun and please her new vampire. She lays down on her bed and the hot vampire chick gets on top of her and she moves her panties to the side and lets her new friend lick her pussy. This hot vampire chick gets a really hot pussy licking.

Miss Atrax has Miss Medina come over and visit and while they are visiting they notice out the window there is a peeping tom looking in at them. They decide that they need to teach him a lesson so they grab him and bring him inside and they tie him up as they have some fun and torture him. They grab on to his cock and they torture his cock and balls while humiliating him for being such a loser.

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