Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

This shirtless slave gets his face crushed by this hot brunette as she squats down in her black leather pants and sits om his face. She uses his face as a human seat as she comfortably sits down and relaxes with her chips and a cigarette. The skinny slave can only breathe in her spandex pussy as she squats down right on top of him and enjoys some stress free time

This teacher had some real abuse in store for him today. These sexy schoolgirls found a video of their beloved teacher wacking off on camera tot heir sexy boots, so they decide that they are going to humiliate and punish him in ways that he could have never imagined. They make him get down on the ground and that is when he truly begins to get abused by these sexy girls.

This pathetic slave is turned into a wimp by this sexy mistress. She walks into the room in her bra and panties and she decides that she is going to punish and humiliate this poor man. She makes him get down on his knees while he is completely naked and then she begins to abuse him with her whip. She begins smacking him across the back, beating him up with her whip.

This sexy babe in a yellow bra decides that she is going to punish you today with her big black boots. These black boots have some big heels on them and they are very sharp heels. She would make you her boot slave. You would be forced to lick her black boots until they are clean. Your tongue would be covered with their dirt from her sexy boots and you would love it.

This sexy amateur babe decides that she is absolutely going to punish her friend. She makes her come to the gym with her and that is where they begin to wrestle with each other. She absolutely punishes her friend on the mat because she has wrestled many of women in the past and she knows how to humiliate them on the mat. She sits right on her face, smothering her.

The sexy curvy Murderotica wants to play a fun game with her willing slave Walter as she counts in her head a number between 1 and 1000 and Water has to guess what it is. If he gets it wrong which he probably will the hot brunette will bury her round ass even deeper in to his face making it very hard for him to breathe in any air

After skating in her brand new skates all day the gorgeous blonde Liberty needs somewhere to rest her sweaty tired feet and what better place to do it than on top of this slaves face. She rubs her smelly white socks right in the nose of the willing slave and than smothers him with just her stinky bare feet He also must lick between her toes and the soles of her feet

The sexy amateur wrestling championship between sexy Shanya and Brooke until Brooke gets the better of the smaller Sanya and straddles on top of her face wearing nothing but her pink thong and pushing her sweet ass crack in the smaller girls face. Brooke totally dominates Sanya like she has so many times in the past. She sticks a variety of moves on her like the scissor kick, etc.

This pathetic slave gets multiple blows by the sexy blonde and brunette duo of Emily and Maggie. The girls rain down blows on top of this slave while he lies in the tub. They are dressed in their eye catchig two piece bathing suits making the slave thoroughly aroused but there is nothing he can do about it. All he can is lie naked i the tub with the cold water on

This slave gets the ultimate torture as he is crushed under the weight of the sexy high heels of this chick. She tramples all over his body from head to toe all the while carrying a whip to whip him with if he gets out of line. She kicks and smashes his balls with her strong high heels and even walks right across the face of the slave and jumps on him

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