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Imagine you're under a glass coffee table, looking up at a sexy, bratty blonde teenager. She knows you are down there and she wants you to know that she thinks your a worthless piece of shit. She smokes for a while, occasionally spitting on the glass above your face. It's a POV clip, though, so you can imagine that there is no glass, that you can feel her ash falling onto your naked skin and you can feel every drop of her spit hit your face!

Miss Taylor knows just what you need. You need to be teased. You need to be mocked. You need a brat to tell you what a loser you are. And you need to be told by a super-sexy little vixen like her. She gives you what you need, wearing slutty clothes and teasing you to the very edge, controlling you with her words, and mocking you while she counts down to your pathetic climax. Just what you need!

Princess Nikki is a sexy mistress who caught her loser slave doing something that he was not supposed to be doing so she had no choice other than to punish him for being such a complete and total loser. She decided to make him lay on the ground and she has him open his mouth and stands above him and pisses right into his mouth and then uses his shirt to clean her pussy with.

Princess Chanel and Lady Faye get mad at their bartender for not putting enough alcohol in their drinks. They make him lay down on the floor. One girls tramples him under her full weight while the other girl shoves her high heels in his face making him lick them clean. They humiliate him by pouring their drinks all over him and slapping him with their feet and trample him all over.

Princess Nikki sits by the pool with two loser slaves lying under her. She speaks to her friend on the phone and ignores her slaves as she pulls her bikini bottoms to the side and pisses all over them. She gives her slaves a nice golden shower, but completely ignores them which furthers their humiliation. Her warm piss washes over them, but she's more concerned with her phone call than these pissy losers.

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