Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

This young mistress is getting ready to go out and doesn't like the cold floor. She uses her foot slave as a human bath mat as she gets ready, she stands on his head in her sock covered feet using her full weight to crush him. She then uses him as a human footstool while she lotions her legs while he worships her feet and smells her sweaty bare feet.

Mistress Lili finds her slave sitting on the couch being lazy as she decides to punish her slave. She takes out a leather rope and cause as much pain as she can to her helpless victim. She humiliates her slave as she begins choking her slave calling her pathetic as she slowly strangling the air out of her lungs using her bare feet to push on her back smiling as her slave passes out at her feet.

Mistress Cleo confronts her roommate Angelica about sniffing her stinky shoes and how she knows that Angelica has a foot fetish. This foot femdom then makes Angelica her new foot slave as she lies down on the floor her mistress takes off her shoes and shoves her sweaty socks in her face forcing her to smell them. She then takes off her socks revealing her stinky sweaty feet and has her new slave lick her dirty soles clean.

Mistress Cassandra comes home from a long days work wanting to relax, she calls in her foot slave to come and take care of business. She has her slave remove her stinky sneakers as she shoves them in his face forcing him to smell her delicious scent. This young mistress then lays back as she shoves her dirty socks in his face as he smells her dirty socks and licks her dirty soles. He then removes her socks and begins to smell her stinky bare feet as she shoves her toes in his mouth to be cleaned.

Miss Lana and Lady Pam are feeling cruel today, they make their slave strip down to nothing and get on his knees. They each take turns brutally whipping their slave humiliating him with each blow to his body. These two brutal mistresses cane him and whip him causing as much pain as they possibly can. These dark mistresses are skilled in hurting people, obey and you just might make it through a session.

Goddess Daidra loves being spoiled as she has her slave hold her couch steady as he lies under it and she sits on top of it causing him pain. This hot femdom calls one of her friends as she tells her friends how pathetic her slave is humiliating him as she changes positions every so often making it difficult to hold the couch. This dark mistress continues crushing him until she gets off the phone and decides he's had enough.

Goddess Kaylaa makes a new shoe slave as she sits in her chair and has her slave remove her dirty stinky sneakers. He then smells her sweaty stinky socks as he worships her feet. She then commands him to lie down on the ground as she places her feet on his face forcing him to take in her scent as she tramples his face humiliating him. This beautiful femdom has no problem shoving her bare feet in your face.

Lady Melissa gets a relaxing foot worship as she commands her foot slave to lie on the floor as she tramples his body from head to toe in her bare feet. She head stands with both her feet as she smothers his face with her sexy bare feet. She then jumps from the couch onto his chest and back using her full weight to humiliate her bound slave as he gasps for air.

Mistress Maeva is out for a walk in the mud with her shoe slave as she sits down after a few hours worth of walking and looks at her sneakers she sees how dirt they are, she smiles and commands her shoe slave to lick her shoes clean and not to stop until she says so. Her slave worships her dirty soles as he licks them clean, his mistress loves humiliating her slave.

This face trampling mistress loves humiliating her foot slave by making them worship her feet as she removes her black high heel boots and shoves her stinky socks in his face for her slave to smell. She then removes her socks revealing her bare feet with little painted toenails, she places a pillow on his head and stands on his face crushing his head under the pillow as he gasps for air.

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