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Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

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When it's time to relax, Miss Amandine knows just what to do for her lover. She lays him on the floor and puts on her black high heels. She walks up and down his back, digging her heels into knots of muscles. She puts her full weight onto his throat, making it hard to breathe. To make sure he is relaxed, she jumps up and down on his dick, giving it her full weight.

Mistress Lili finds her slave sitting on the couch being lazy as she decides to punish her slave. She takes out a leather rope and cause as much pain as she can to her helpless victim. She humiliates her slave as she begins choking her slave calling her pathetic as she slowly strangling the air out of her lungs using her bare feet to push on her back smiling as her slave passes out at her feet.

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